With the first-round of the 2018 season for the British Superbikes Championship at Donnington looming, we found out from Mason Law how he prepares his body for the harsh conditions on track.


How are you feeling ahead of your Superbikes debut this weekend?

Really excited, can’t wait to get out there and get stuck in! I have a great team and we have all worked so hard to get to this point.


So, how do you prepare for the season?

Riding can be tough both mentally and physically, so I have a strict diet and exercise plan I follow, to make sure I am in the best shape I can be for racing. But like anybody, I do still like the naughty treats the world has to offer. However, I reserve myself until Sunday night for a treat meal.



What type of foods are you eating?

For me a balanced diet is incredibly important to maintain optimum strength and mental capacity on the bike. However, it is far from a normal diet.

What do you mean by that?

What I eat is dependant on what training plan I am following and because of the amount of training I  put my body through, a normal training day for me sees a fair amount more calories passing my lips than your average Joe Bloggs. This allows me to keep fuelled during my training programme, as well as everyday life. My training burns an incredible amount of calories and it’s really important for me to replenish with the right food.


With the amount of calories you are burning, surely you could just live on a diet of doughnuts?

I can’t go out on a bicycle for 4 hours, come home and eat a box of doughnuts. I mean in theory I could, if the goal was to lose or maintain weight because of the calories I am burning in the saddle. However, I would be depriving my body of good nutrients.

Basically if you ate what I ate and didn’t do the training, you would be uncomfortably overweight.


So, what is the right kind of food?

For me it is natural and fresh. I understand this isn’t always possible, especially when you’re on the road. So, if possible I pre-prepare my food.


You mention a lot about training, what sort of training do you do?

There’s no typical exercise regime for me. However, my training is heavily focuses on cardiovascular and strength training. Since moving up to the Superbikes class, my training has changed slightly with more strength training, so I can deal with the added G-Force that a more powerful bike brings.


Why do you need to train?

A lot of people think you just sit on the bike and turn the throttle, but they don’t understand the G-Force involved. To put it into perspective, if you jump on a bucking bronco for 30mins and then see how you fair up.


Fair point. So, what does a typical day in the life of Mason Law look like?

No day is really typical, because it depends on my training regime for that day. I have an amazing trainer called Andrew Pitt. Andrew is twice World Supersport Champion, so he understand how the body reacts to riding a bike, but more importantly he understands what areas I need to train in order to make racing my bike easier.

My day always starts with an espresso and a pint of water. If I am up early to train, I get a couple of slices of toast into me. I would then head to my first training session and take some breakfast for after, which is usually granola.

Lunch is based on what I have planned in that day, so it can range from something to aid recovery like a protein dish or for energy, so a carb like dish like pasta etc.

I would then head out for my second training session of the day and any snacks during the day consist of dried fruit and nuts or a breakfast bar.

Dinner is dependent on what training I’ve completed, so usually chicken and its always a good time for me to get my vegetables in me. However, if I have a long cycle coming up the next day, my dinner will be a large portion of carb heavy pasta or rice.


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