Bike Maintenance: How to Look After Your Mountain Bike in Winter

Think Bike Maintenance – cycling isn’t just a hobby; it’s a way of life. Knowing how much you value your bike and its condition, we’ve designed this range of products to be your go-to when servicing, maintaining and riding.

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Colder temperatures, more extreme elements and less daylight are no reason to stop riding through winter. However it’s important to be aware of how tough these conditions can be on your bike and kit.

Bike Maintenance: Keeping it CLEAN!

Sounds simple but the best preventative maintenance to care for your bike is to keep it clean! At the end of your ride, hose off dirt and debris and then give it a clean with WD-40 BIKE Cleaner.

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WD-40 Specialist BIKE Cleaner is an all-in-one spray-on cleaner that quickly and easily removes mud, dirt and reside from your bike.

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Bike Maintenance: Degreasing & Lubrication!

Wheels get submerged in puddles; dirt and debris will stick to your chain and anywhere it can. To ensure your mountain bike runs smoothly and parts have a decent shelf life, lubrication is essential.

Degreasing your bike chain can be time-consuming; time you’d rather spend riding. Our specialist BIKE Degreaser formula is perfect for quickly and easily removing grease, grime, dirt and oil from chains, derailleurs, cassette sprockets and even cogsets with minimal effort, so you can get out of the garage and onto your bike.


To use; simply spray on the fast-acting formula, letting it work into tight spaces and difficult angles. Then wipe away excess dirty fluid with a cloth. Repeat as necessary until all dirt, grease and grime has been removed. The excess formula dries to leave no residue, and will remain on components to protect and maintain, extending the life of your bike.


bike maintenance mountain bike can i use wd40 bike degreaser to clean my derailleurs

Now you can start lubricating your mountain bike to round off your bike maintenance. WD-40 BIKE All Conditions Lube is a PTFE-based formula and capable of handling anything the outdoors can throw at it, protecting all moving parts from water, corrosion, rust and wear. You can use WD-40 All Conditions Lube on mountain bike chains, pivot points, derailleurs, cables and shifters. It helps to smooth gear transitions and improve chain efficiency.


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We’ve researched and developed our WD-40 BIKE range extensively with cycling teams and experts to provide a best-in-class product range that provides an answer to your every need.

Bike Maintenance: How to Look After Your Mountain Bike in Winter


From amateur cyclists on a Sunday outing, to leading athletes in the fields of road and off-road racing; riders across the spectrum rely on the WD-40 BIKE range to maintain and extend the life of their bike. It enables them to worry less about the conditions and more about the road ahead.

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