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Dani Commas – Biketrial Champion

Age: 38
Birthday: 15/06/1981
Birthplace: Barcelona, Spain
Favourite Track: Andorra
Turned pro at: Age 18

Daniel Commas Riera has always been fearlessly talented, and his area of expertise is professional mountain-biking. Dani believes he owes his passion for Biketrial and his lifestyle to his father Josep, a veteran moto trial rider, and his mentor since he was a child. Being taught the disciplines of the sport as early as age 5, Dani, by his own admission, was practically “born on two wheels”.

“When I was 6 years old my father took me to see an exhibition of Ot Pi in the international car show in Barcelona. I was amazed to see what could be done with a bicycle. From that moment I knew the Biketrial was what I wanted to do, and since then I put all my effort to learn more every day.”

Introduction to Biketrial

Dani’s first race brought him good results, encouraging and motivating him to train even harder. His fascination steadily became his passion. He started competing in Catalonia, until at age 14 he got his dad to take him to a Spanish Championship competition. To his (and everyone else’s) surprise, it was here he was selected to participate in the world championship.

“I have very good memories of when I was 16 years old, because I won my first junior world championship. I also won first in the scratch category, so the year after I was able to compete at the highest international level (elite). It was a great year.”

Dani’s first season as an elite rider at just 17 years old ended with him taking second place in the World Biketrial, a result that surprised even him. He got his first World Championship title at 18, becoming professional and fulfilling his childhood dream. From that day on, Biketrial became his life.

“I am my own challenge.”

To make these incredible achievements takes a certain kind of mentality. Dani’s outlook on life and his success is as he describes.

“I realised that to be on top, to be the best, it’s only necessary to believe in oneself. Others don’t matter. I am my own worst rival. My goal is to beat my own personal best every day.”

Using WD-40’s products to maintain and care for his equipment, he and his bike are always in top condition, and we are proud to sponsor him. There seems to be no slowing Dani down in his quest for victory.

Dani’s Biketrial stats:

10 Times World Champion

7 Times European Champion

3 Times World Cup Champion

13 Times Spanish Champion

4 Record Guinness

3 World Record

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