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WD-40 Company is proud to announce its partnership with The Captain Tom Foundation, in an effort to combat loneliness, and champion education, and equality.
Over the coming months, we have planned a jam packed calendar of fundraising activities. From cooking contests to cycling challenges, our employees are ready to take inspiration from Captain Sir Tom himself, with a target goal of £30,000 and a £20,000 additional company donation.
What’s more, WD-40 Company is also looking to help their staff contribute a collective 100 hours of volunteering time, to support local organisations and The Foundation. Watch this space for more information!

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Last year, at the grand age of 99,  Captain Sir Tom Moore united the nation as the pandemic struck, walking 100 laps of his garden in an effort to raise £1000 for the NHS. In 2021, his running total stands at over £32 million 

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The Captain Tom Foundation was established to ensure Captain Sir Tom Moore’s message of hope becomes a lasting legacy. Spreading positivity is its ultimate goal, whilst also raising funds for charity partners.  

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At WD-40 Company , we value making it better than it is today. Captain Sir Tom inspired the nation with his quote “tomorrow will be a good day” – and we truly believe this is a fundamental principle.  
Through our partnership with The Captain Tom Foundation, we want to use our shared beliefs (and hometowns!) to inspire positive change in every community we reach. We value doing the right thing – and we’re sure that encouraging positivity, whilst supporting worthy charities, is doing exactly that.  

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Feeling inspired? Want to get involved? The Captain Tom Foundation has made it as simple as possible for you to contribute. 
To do your part, head to the Captain Tom Foundation website, and download its complimentary fundraising pack. This super simple document has everything you need for a successful fundraising event. Whether you want to swim the distance from Dover to Calais, or simply host a home bake-sale, every penny (and smile) counts!  
To inspire others, share your efforts online using the hashtag –


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