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Let’s talk about lubricant. Don’t worry; we’ll give you a minute to stop smirking…

Lubricant is a substance used between two contacting surfaces to reduce damage, wear, friction and heat. It’s invaluable in a number of situations and industries (ahem), and used for everything you can think of, from making engines run smoothly to ensuring your grandmother’s artificial hip doesn’t seize up. The principles of lubrication actually fall under the discipline of Tribology, which is the study of interacting surfaces in relative motion.

WD-40’s original Multi-Use Product was designed as a water displacement substance for use on rockets, but was soon found to also possess excellent lubrication properties. Out of curiosity, it was put to use around the homes of the scientists who developed it, and after realising how useful WD-40 could be in both domestic as well as industrial settings, they presented it to market – and the rest is history!

Since then WD-40 has grown and thrived into an internationally renowned brand, and we have expanded our product family to support a number of industry- and hobby-specific tasks, most notably that of keeping tools, parts and components lubricated to reduce wear, improve performance and extend working lifespan through maintenance and care. But why bother investing in a range of different products, surely any lubricant will do? Well, that’s sort of true, in that lubrication is a maintenance task that is often overlooked so any treatment is better than no treatment, but to get the very best results you need to use a formula that has been tailored to suit the task, component or environment, as these factors can dramatically reduce effectiveness.

Our Multi Use Product is, as the abbreviation suggests, a multi use product, so is suited to a range of indoor and outdoor tasks. Perfect for everything, Multi Use Product is a jack-of-all-trades that is just as comfortable lubricating squeaky hinges and stiff locks around the house as it is in the workshop, garage and office. As an all-purpose lubricant, it is suited to a huge range of tasks and can cope with large and small lubrication tasks in most ambient environments.

WD-40 Specialist lubricants – products that work as hard as you do

Our WD-40 Specialist range is a family of products that are designed for and aimed at tradesmen, professionals and industry-specific roles that require that extra focus to get the job done right, first time. We have three types of lubricant in our Specialist range: Anti Friction Dry PTFE Lubricant, High Performance PTFE Lubricant, and High Performance Silicone Lubricant.

Our Anti Friction Dry PTFE Lubricant is specially designed for high use, repetitive mechanisms such as door and window tracks, chains, rollers, power tools and lock mechanisms where a dry, non-transferring and non-friction lubricant is required. Using PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), which is renowned for it’s non-stick qualities, it provides a quick-drying layer of lubrication that won’t attract dirt, dust or other deposits, leaving a dry clear film to keep mechanisms moving better for longer under intense use and through temperatures ranging to -20°C to +250°C. Safe for use on metals, plastic and glass, it also makes an excellent mould release agent.

Out High Performance PTFE Lubricant works in much the same way as our Anti Friction product, but is suited to a wider range of applications, including on materials such as rubber and vinyl. The PTFE base gives it fantastic non-stick properties, meaning it repels dust, dirt, debris and other residues that can gather and clog up workings. Use on hydraulics, sliding tracks, axels and even hedge trimmers and power tool blades to provide a lubricating surface that will stay clean even in the filthiest environments.

If you’re working with softer, more perishable materials such as rubber, vinyl, uPVC and even wood, then our High Performance Silicone Lubricant is the product to reach for. Silicone-based, it’s specifically non-staining and gentle on materials so is more suited to use on pipes, window seals, plumbing fittings and belts, even fishing reels and valves. The slick white formula will keep things moving smoothly for longer, and will also help repel moisture, making it the ideal plumber’s companion. Use both indoors and outdoors, in temperatures ranging from -35°C to +200°C.

Keep things turning with our Motorbike and Bike Lubricants

Lubrication is obviously a must for components that need to move and turn without malfunction, and that’s why it’s imperative to ensure that your motorbike and bicycle chains are lubricated to stop seizing and breakage at the worst possible moments.

Our WD-40 Motorbike Chain Lube does exactly that, conditioning, maintaining and improving the movement of your chain as you ride. As with our whole Motorbike range, we’ve worked with the University of Sheffield to develop and test our products, including applying a rigorous anti-fling test to ensure that our products stay exactly where you’ve applied them. Our Motorbike Chain Lube is a synthetic formula that provides long-lasting lubrication to all high-performance bike chains, and is compatible with O, X and Y rings. Thin and fast flowing, it can penetrate into the tightest spaces and smallest gaps, giving you a comprehensive all-over lubricant covering that dries quickly to stay put as you ride out and long after you’ve parked up.

If you’re more into pedal-power, then our WD-40 BIKE range is here to help keep you in the saddle. With bicycles, there is a greater requirement for lubrication over multiple components, as there are more joints, chains and mechanisms open to the elements and requiring extra protection. We’ve included three types of lubricant in our BIKE range to cover everyone from focussed road riders, to air-grabbing mountain bikers, to your A-to-B and back again city commuters.

Our WD-40 BIKE All Conditions Lube is the most versatile of the three, utilising a PTFE-based formula to provide a comprehensive, weather-resistant and quick drying lubricant for use on chains, pivot points, derailleurs, cables and shifters, so that your bike is well maintained and ready to go when you are. The PTFE component helps to protect against friction and wear, as well as repelling dirt and dust that can build up into damaging residues.

For dry conditions, such as summer off-roading, we recommend our BIKE Dry Lube for excellent lubrication in the most arid conditions. The PTFE formula repels dust and grit as you ride, keeping components free from residue build-up and running smoothly, and the thin, low viscosity formula will work for longer, maintaining and protecting long after other lubricants would dry out. When the weather changes, and the dust and dryness are replaced with rain, fog and mud, our BIKE Wet Lube should be used instead. A thicker, higher viscosity formula, our Wet Lube is designed to repel moisture and wet elements, maintaining lubrication on exposed parts and protecting against seizure and damage in consistently wet conditions. Ideal for city commuters who are regularly faced with wet, dirty road surfaces, our Wet Lube will provide protection through the winter months to keep your bicycle running smoothly whatever the weather can throw your way.

For all your outdoor tasks

Moving from the garage to the garden shed, our final lubricant product should be every gardener and groundskeeper’s sideboard companion. Our Specialist Lawn & Garden range features a General Use Lubricant that’s ideal for a huge range of outdoor tasks, working hard to keep everything from machinery, tools, shed doors, even outdoor taps well maintained and moving freely. Again, it uses a PTFE base to provide a water- and weather-resistant coating that repels moisture and delivers a non-sticky coating of lubricant. Use it on secateurs and branch loppers to provide smooth operation and repel damaging tree sap, forks and spades to make cleaning easier, and mower blades to stop residue and clumps from sticking and ruining performance. It’s also a handy companion as you wind down over winter; give stored tools and equipment a spray as you put them away, and the penetrating, long-lasting formula will keep them lubricated through the winter months so they’re ready to use when you need them again.

With a product suited to every task and environment, it’s easy to see why WD-40 is the market-leader in lubrication products, and why hobbyists and tradesmen alike turn to the yellow and blue shield for protection the world over.

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