We are both excited and proud to introduce the winner of our latest campaign and the new ‘Face Of WD-40’…Richie (full name Richard Stone)!!

We caught up with the man of the moment at our recent photo shoot, to get to know him a bit better…

Richie is a Plumber from Cardiff (now also a part time model) and he uses WD-40 all the time; whether during his work day for cleaning and lubricating his tools, or in his spare time working on his bike.

Richie is a tea drinker who enjoys Mexican food and following his beloved Wales in the football. He dreams of owning a Ferrari 458 and driving it around his favourite holiday destination, Bosnia and Eastern Europe.

His favourite WD-40 product is the Smartstraw; so we had great fun educating him on the benefits of also using the Specialist range in his line of work

Richie’s favourite movie of all time is Gladiator, and we also found out that Richie would like Leonardo Di Caprio to play him in a movie of his life! We can see the movie now!

‘Our Face’ has a huge fear of snakes, and he is a fan of Karaoke; his chosen track would be anything by Coldplay. We suggest ‘Yellow’ (and blue can

We found out that the man of the moment isn’t the biggest fan of superheroes, but nevertheless we asked him if he could have any superpower, what would it be? After much thought and deliberation, he said he would have the ability to teleport himself anywhere. As a fan of travelling, he would love to use this to travel to anywhere around the world in an instant.

Finally, we asked Richie what does the ‘WD’ stand for in WD-40? Like many others Richie was not aware that it stands for ‘Water Displacement!’

Check out some of the out-takes from the day!

We look forward to working more with Richie going forward.


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