Today we’re introducing a brand new addition to our Multi-Use Product family – WD-40 Flexible Straw System, a game-changing innovation that’s about to make your life easier.

WD-40’s Multi-Use Products have always been known as invaluable companions in most trades, garages and homes. The small can with a thousand uses became even handier when we introduced the Smart Straw, a clever invention which enabled greater precision application for hard-to-reach jobs. But here at WD-40 we’re always thinking ahead, and the next step in maintenance evolution is finally here.

WD-40 Flexible Straw System – Maintenance just got smarter

Flexible Straw System is the first product of its kind. It still contains our great super-formula, but there’s an ingenious twist in the design. Gone is the Smart Straw applicator, and in its place is now a hard-wearing, heat-resistant, bendable straw that can be shaped into any position. Unlike its Smart Straw predecessor, the Flexible Straw keeps its shape. This makes it ideal for precision work in a wide variety of sectors, and will no doubt help you out in many a tight spot!

Let’s talk cars for instance. You’ll no longer be limited by tight spaces or small gaps which may have previously hindered you. Need to reach and unlock friction rings? Or how about protect and lubricate those difficult-to-reach valves near the engine? With Flexible Straw System, these things and more become no problem at all. When plumbing, it makes radiator valve nuts easier to loosen. You can use it to help dismantle corroded fixtures which might be awkwardly positioned beneath a sink. The possibilities are now endless, and the benefits are huge. It’s no longer necessary to dismantle parts, systems, covers and gearboxes to access exactly the areas that need treating. WD-40 Flexible Straw System will do that hard work for you.

Flexible and Multi-talented

Flexible Straw System’s Multi-Use formula is as powerful and useful as ever, and remains a reliable all-round essential. It displaces moisture, so you can spray it on machines and mechanisms to protect them from rust and corrosion. The liquid can also penetrate stuck parts or components, lubricating almost anything. It’s handy for freeing up sticky mechanisms, and in addition eliminates squeaks and creaks.

As a result of WD-40’s unique ingredients, it is even great at removing grease, grime and more from most surfaces. You can safely use it on gardening tools and equipment, bike frames, spark plugs, even power tools. Easy to use, our formula dries quickly and leaves a thin, clear coating when you want to protect or lubricate a surface.

Flexible and economical

Another ingenious feature of our new product is the smart re-design of its can. Cleverly, it’s now been made to reduce any overuse and waste. You’ll be able to get use out of every last drop! Our taller, slimmer 400ml can also allows for a longer straw as well. The Flexible Straw is almost 1/3 longer than our traditional and Smart delivery straws. This means you can reach even further.

Of course, our Spray 2 Ways technology is still a feature too. You have the option to flip down the Flexible Straw applicator and apply a wide spray to areas that need maximum coverage, just as you did before. The 360° valve allows the product to be applied in any angle or position, even with the canister upside down. Our practical and economic new design will no doubt save you both time and money.

Found any ingenious uses for our Flexible Straw System already? Get in touch and share your discoveries with us!