It’s no trade secret, everyone should know how important your Chain Cleaner is

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Unbelievably there are still riders out there who reapply their Chain Lube or Chain Wax ride after ride, without cleaning it off in between. Ideally, you should clean your chain after every ride and then reapply your lubricant product. This may not be realistic for you, but by not cleaning your chain dirt, grime and oil can build up risking irreparable damage, which could cost you money! To help reduce wear, maintain performance and make your chains last longer, you should use a chain cleaner regularly. Try out our WD-40 Specialist Motorbike Chain Cleaner, to see for yourself.


Unsure how to get the most from your Chain Cleaner? Follow our quick and easy step by step guide.

chain cleaner wd40 usage

Step 1: Place the motorbike on a suitable stand, so that the rear wheel is free to turn.

chain cleaner wd40 2

Step 2: Use a tray, placed underneath the chain to collect any of the dirt or excess liquid.

chain cleaner wd40 3

Step 3: Grab your can of Chain Cleaner and apply by spraying liberally to the chain, allowing it to remain in contact for up to 5 minutes.


NOTE: For heavy or stubborn dirt and grime, you may need to agitate with a brush to assist with removal.

chain cleaner wd40 4

Step 4: Using a clean cloth or towel, loosely grasp the chain and turn the wheel to collect any excess liquid.


Still unsure? Watch the full video here and you will maintain your bike performance for longer!


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