WD-40 BIKE The Perfect Present For The Cyclist In Your Life!® The Perfect Present For The Cyclist In Your Life!

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WD-40 BIKE Could be the perfect Christmas present for Cyclist or Mountain Biker in your life!

Our WD-40 Bike range is the perfect stocking filler for any Bike enthusiast.

whether it be WD-40 Total bike wash to keep their bike sparkling clean in these winter months, A specialist silicone lubricant to keep their chain and drivetrain moving in the chilly conditions or specialist disc brake cleaner to keep their brakes in tip top conditions in even the worst conditions. Check out the BIKE range here



Gifts for Cyclists

There are also some really cool ideas for other gifts for the cyclist in your life (in case they already have enough WD-40), let the guys from the Global Cycling Network guide you through!

Not to leave out the Mountain Bikers, check out what the Global Mountain Bike Network suggest for Christmas too!


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