Specialist lawn and garden

WD-40® Specialist® Lawn & Garden

Our line of specifically formulated garden maintenance products clean, lubricate and protect gardening tools and equipment all year around. This prolongs the life of gardening appliances ensuring you get the best performance out of your tools and equipment.

Quality Performance

The WD-40 brand guarantees quality and reliability and is a brand that people know and trust.

Using WD-40 Specialist products helps solve the more demanding jobs that need to be done right.

takes care of it


Our Product Range

Lawn-and-Garden-General-Use-Lubricant General Use Lubricant
Lawn-and-Garden-Water-Protective-Silicone Water Protective Silicone
Lawn-and-Garden---Heavy-Duty-Grease Heavy Duty Grease
Lawn-and-Garden-Cleaner Specialist Lawn and Garden Cleaner

About Us

WD-40 is a global organisation dedicated to creating positive lasting memories by developing and selling products which solve problems in workshops, factories and homes around the world.

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