Specialist lawn and garden

Heavy Duty Grease

Heavy Duty Grease is a thicker formula for long term lubrication. Ideal for heavy duty metal on metal connections.

Product Benefits:

Provides long term lubrication
Helps tools and equipment to last longer
Ideal for metal to metal applications on components that cannot be regularly lubricated,  particularly outside
White pigment for easy viewing of application and re-application
Smart Straw application allows narrow and wide spray, meaning you can apply wherever you  want it
360° valve means you can use can upside down and in those hard to reach areas

Recommended Uses:

Soil Cultivator
Wheelbarrow Bearings
Trailer Tow Bars
Heavy metal gates


Our Product Range

Lawn-and-Garden-General-Use-Lubricant General Use Lubricant
Lawn-and-Garden-Water-Protective-Silicone Water Protective Silicone
Lawn-and-Garden---Heavy-Duty-Grease Heavy Duty Grease
Lawn-and-Garden-Cleaner Specialist Lawn and Garden Cleaner

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