Specialist lawn and garden

Water Protective Silicone

What it does:

  • Repels water from garden tool mechanisms
  • Lubricates and prevents plant residues from sticking
  • Helping parts run smoother
  • Can be used on metals, plastics, rubber and wood

Our Specialist Water Protective Silicone is ideal for lubricating and maintaining tools and equipment that come into contact with water, plant residues or damp conditions. The silicone-based formula repels water from mechanisms, joints, hinges and rotating blades to keep them running smoothly with minimal resistance. It works by coating surfaces with a smooth, clear layer of silicone that will stop residues from building up and causing resistance, rust and damage, and is ideal for use on a range of power and hand tools across the seasons. Suitable and safe for use on metals, rubber, plastic and wood, for easy application and peace of mind as you get on with your work.

Use Specialist Lawn & Garden Water Protective Silicone for:

  • Garden shears
  • Lawn mowers and blades
  • Hedge trimmers
  • Secateurs and branch loppers
  • Lawn edger
  • Shovels
  • Pruners
  • Chainsaws and hand saws
  • Hinges and locks
  • Hose connections
specialist lawn and garden water protective silicone

Our Product Range

Lawn-and-Garden-General-Use-Lubricant General Use Lubricant
Lawn-and-Garden-Water-Protective-Silicone Water Protective Silicone
Lawn-and-Garden---Heavy-Duty-Grease Heavy Duty Grease
Lawn-and-Garden-Cleaner Specialist Lawn and Garden Cleaner

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