Specialist lawn and garden

Water Protective Silicone

A protective silicone created to easily un-stick and lubricate gardening tools and equipment.

Product Benefits:

Protects components against moisture
Helps gardening tools and equipment last longer
Smart Straw application allows narrow and wide spray, meaning you can apply wherever you  want it
360° valve means you can use can upside down and in those hard to reach areas

Recommended Uses:

Garden Shears
Lawn mower blades
Hedge Trimmer
Hose connection
Chain saws
Hand saws
Hinges & Locks

specialist lawn and garden water protective silicone

Our Product Range

Lawn-and-Garden-General-Use-Lubricant General Use Lubricant
Lawn-and-Garden-Water-Protective-Silicone Water Protective Silicone
Lawn-and-Garden---Heavy-Duty-Grease Heavy Duty Grease
Lawn-and-Garden-Cleaner Specialist Lawn and Garden Cleaner

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