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WD-40® Specialist® Motorbike Silicone Shine

Our Specialist Motorbike Silicone Shine works hard so that you don’t have to. Use it to give your paint and bodywork a brilliant shine which will leave your bike looking as good as new.

You can use the silicone-based formula on rubber seals and hoses too. It will protect rubber components from premature ageing and cracking.

For a professional valet finish to your bike care routine, simply shake the can well and apply WD-40’s Silicone Shine to clean and dry surfaces. The spray will evaporate quickly, and leave you with a brilliant showroom finish that you can be proud of.

What Specialist Motorbike Silicone Shine does:

  • Gives a professional shine to your bike
  • Fast results with no need to buff out
  • Silicone-based formula will protect rubber from cracking and ageing
  • Perfect finish for your bike cleaning regime

Use Specialist Motorbike Silicone Shine for:

  • Metal
  • Paintwork
  • Carbon fibre
  • Rubber seals and components

Please avoid using on fabrics, saddles and tyres, and braking mechanisms. 

You can add a deeper gloss finish to your paintwork with Specialist Motorbike Wax & Polish too. Or for fast and hassle-free cleaning, try Total Wash.


Our Product Range

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