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WD-40® Specialist® Motorbike Wax & Polish


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Our Specialist Motorbike Wax & Polish is the perfect way to complete your bike-cleaning routine. Now you can give your bike a real professional valet finish in half the time.

Wax & Polish contains a mix of natural Carnauba Wax and beeswax. This will deeply condition and maintain your paintwork, and also protect it from the elements every time you get on the road.

The non-abrasive mixture is so easy to apply. Simply shake the can well, then spray the polish onto a clean and dry surface.

For the best results, lightly buff the surfaces afterwards to bring out a streak-free and glossy shine which will not only look great, but will protect your bike for much longer.

What Specialist Motorbike Wax & Polish does:

  • Provides a streak-free, deep glossy shine
  • Contains a mix of Carnauba Wax and bees wax for a fantastic finish
  • Conditions and maintains paintwork, aluminium and carbon fibre components

Use Specialist Motorbike Wax & Polish for:

  • Paintwork
  • Aluminium
  • Carbon fibre
  • Chrome
  • Plastic trims

Please avoid using on fabrics, saddles and tyres, and braking mechanisms. 

For the best possible shine and finish, try pairing this product with our Specialist Motorbike Silicone Shine.


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Specialist wax & polish

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