Most homeowners have a can of WD-40 around the house, garage or shed for sorting out squeaky door hinges or lubricating moving parts, to name but a few uses. But just like vinegar, WD-40 is a great cleaner and perfect for so many maintenance projects too.

It’s the can with literally thousands of uses, including as a cleaner!

Don’t take just our word for it though, Carolyn Forte, director of the Cleaning Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute, agrees that WD-40 can be worth keeping in your arsenal as a cleaner!

WD-40 Cleaner for Stainless-Steel

3 Ways to Use WD-40 as a Cleaner!


We’ve had lots of our customers message us to say how well WD-40 cleaned up their stainless-steel bin!

Simply spray WD-40 onto a dry cloth and rub your stainless-steel appliances in the direction of the grain. Not only will it remove greasy fingerprints and smudges, it will help keep fingerprints from forming. When you’re done cleaning off the fingerprints, wipe off any excess oil with a clean, dry cloth.

WD-40 Cleans Scuff Marks

Laminate floors can be a victim when it comes to black scuff marks from shoes or wheels, but again, we’ve been told by our lovely users, that they come off easily with a quick spray of WD-40!

We recommend you first test your surface with a small amount of WD-40, to make sure it won’t leave a permanent mark. Then use a clean, dry cloth to wipe off the scuff mark and be sure to wipe away any residual spray so that the surface isn’t slippery. We do not want any falls!

WD-40 Removes Stickers

Sticky labels on glasses, jars or bottles; on the bottom of shoes, windows or mirrors: they’re all annoying and hard to get off! Unless you use some WD-40, of course!

Remove as much of the paper sticker or label first, then spray WD-40 over the sticker and let it sit for a minute. Use a clean, dry cloth or paper towel to remove the rest. P.S just repeat this process if you are facing a stubborn sticker.

3 Ways to Use WD-40 as a Cleaner!

Do you have any TIPS USING WD-40 AS A CLEANER you’d like to share with us?