Cleaning up the house may be fun for some but not for everyone. With life being so busy, it may be hard to find the time to keeping your house in a liveable order. Well, no need to worry because we want to help you make cleaning manageable. With just 20 minutes a day, you can get your clean-a-thon on – and no need to set a Saturday aside dedicated to this chore!

De Cluttering Your House

How can you get started? Well, you should think about making a ‘landing strip’ of sorts for everyone that comes into your home. This could be in the form of a welcome mat to keep most of the dirt and clutter away, a simple yet effective way to assist with house cleaning. Having less clutter around allows for easy surface cleaning of your living room, bathroom, and bedrooms. Now the trick to switching from surface cleaning and deep cleaning is to change on alternate days. One day should be dedicated to an activity such as mopping the floors.

The Best Times To Clean Your House

Set aside 20 mins for Daily Cleaning

Remember how we said this will only take 20 minutes? Well, you will have to set your pace according to the time and leave the rest for the next day. By doing so, you will limit your cleaning benchmarks whilst not tiring yourself for other daily activities.

Clean Up Straight After Dinner

Whether or not you have a dishwasher, you will end up washing something. It’s best to clean the dishes after the meal. This tip can help you stay on top of things in the kitchen before it turns into a greasy mess. It’s better to get it over with, so you can get on with something else. If you get into this regular habit, cleaning won’t seem like an overwhelming job.

House Clean Whilst Doing Laundry

Both of these cleaning processes are one and the same. Don’t believe us? Try postponing laundry for just a week.  All you need to do here is mastering the art of using the washing machines and sorting clothes into closets and drawers. It’s best to at least do some washing every two to three days. You don’t want to have a large pile of dirty clothes at the end of the week. Try to organise your time effectively so that you can get things done.

If you are someone who does not find cleaning a lot of fun, then have something in the background. You can always have some music playing or even a podcast. Anything you like. Just don’t leave any devices or electrics close to water to avoid electrocuting yourself.  You can have fun whilst cleaning.

Can You Clean With WD-40®?

Yes, you can use WD-40 to help with daily cleaning around the home! Thanks to the unique and specialist formula, you can remove scuff marks, wipe away stains on surfaces, get crayon of walls and so much more.

There you have it simple tips to keep on top of daily cleaning around the house. As mentioned there are plenty of ways WD-40 can be used to help around the home, find a roundup of popular WD-40 uses and many more great ways to use this trusty product here.