It’s extremely rare to be called to do boiler maintenance on a unit that hasn’t been shoe-horned into a tight cupboard or space that doubles up as a traditional family airing cupboard. Unless you can cleanly remove its casing, you are always faced with a challenge that, invariably, leaves the skin on the back of your knuckles bloodied having had to reach to the rear of the unit to get to what will inevitably be the troubled component. Such as a tricky pressure release valve replacement.

Boiler Maintenance: How to Replace a Boiler Pressure Release Valve

WD-40 Precision Aiming Helps With Boiler Maintenance

WD-40® Flexible straw has been developed for just these situations. Instead of using the ‘aim and fire’ technique in the hope of covering the troubled element with solution to lubricate and free it up, Flexible’s cleverly designed metal straw enables just the right amount of solution to be applied to exactly the right spot, thanks to its ability to be easily threaded through the tightest of obstacles.

How to Replace Pressure Release Valve

A prime example of this is tackling a leaking pressure release valve (or PRV). Invariably, the leaking water will, nine times out of 10, mean the PRV will just need to be replaced – though they can sometimes be cleaned out – especially if there’s just too much corrosion or that the brass innards are pitted. Easier said than done because they are commonly awkwardly placed and the bolts holding them in place are normally seized (hence the loss of knuckle skin!).

A few squirts of carefully aimed WD-40® precisely delivered thanks to the Flexible straw and a minute or two later the bolts will be turning, and its replacement fitted. Once in your hands, however, maintaining the PRV is relatively easy with a small screwdriver and a liberal dash of WD-40® before being lubricated using, preferably, WD-40® Specialist Silicone lubricant and not sealant and then replaced.

Little fixes are sometimes just as important as the big ones, especially when it comes to something as critical as a boiler! Check out our full guide on How to Maintain Your Boiler and other useful tips from our wide selection of how-to guides!