In a few easy steps you can learn how to remove a car dent with this car dent removal guide! Whether you’ve backed into a tree whilst parking, dropped the keys out of your pocket onto the bonnet or something has fallen from a shelf in the garage, there’s nothing more annoying than a dent in your car’s bodywork or bumper. Not only is it often expensive to fix, it’s unsightly, and gives you that nauseous feeling in your stomach every time you look at it!  

Well, don’t despair, while you might not be able to remove the dents completely, you can make them look a lot less noticeable and hide the damage temporarily at least with these tips. 

Prepare The Area Where the Car Dent Needs Removing 

To begin with, move your car to somewhere nice and open with plenty of light so you can see what you’re doing. Remove any obstacles from the area to ensure a clean workspace. Next, give the dented area a wipe, to get rid of any dust and dirt particles. 

To Remove The Car Dent, Heat Things Up! 

There are many suggestions of how to heat up the area around a dent – anything from jugs of boiling water to hot glue. We’ve chosen to use the relatively easy “hairdryer” method.  

Taking a hairdryer plugged into an electricity source, heat the dented area of your vehicle with the hairdryer at its highest setting for several minutes. The area needs to be as hot as possible before moving on to the next step. Always ensure you use adequate protection when dealing with heat! 

Pop The Dent By Cooling It Down! 

For this step, you will need a can of compressed air. Quickly change the surface of the area from hot to cold using the can of compressed air to blow on the dent. The cold air should cause the surface to contract and allow the dent to pop out on its own. Car Dent Remover at its easiest!! 

Polish And Protect 

Ensure that any residue scratches are hidden and the area buffs up super shiny with WD-40 Specialist® Motorbike Wax and Polish! Spray some product onto a clean microfibre cloth, and gently rub the area to reveal pristine paintwork. 

Clean Your Car Interior 

Now that your car is looking fresh on the outside, you should take some time to clean the interior to get that just valeted feeling. Not sure how? Check out our handy guide here to get the ultimate clean in no time! 

No one likes driving around in a damaged car. So, be sure to always keep your WD-40® Multi-Use Product close at hand. For both little incidents, and to provide protection against corrosion and any rust. If you found this super speedy guide useful, why not check out our other guides here. You will find plenty of other great WD-40® uses on cars