For those that have had their instrument locked away or left untouched for a while, you may need a little helping hand from your trusty blue and red can, WD-40®, to get it restored. Did you know WD-40 is your handy go-to when it comes to fixing stuck piano keys or cleaning guitar strings? Read below on how the fast-acting formula can help get your instrument going again, in time for the big day.

Fixing stuck piano keys

Nothing is more frustrating than keys that get stuck while playing a piano – especially when you’ve geared yourself up to learn a new Christmas tune to play and get everyone in the Christmas spirit. Unfortunately, the entire experience of playing and flow of sound will be affected and ruined if keys become stuck. The main reason piano keys do become stuck is due to the dirt or grime that gets caught between the keys of the piano (or keyboard!) and in this situation; you simply need to clean up them up!

Did you know WD-40 Flexible Straw can help you get going again? Simply apply a small amount to the key that is lodged and dry with a clean cloth once finished to remove any excess residue.

So, now you’re ready to play, why not give some of these songs a go to play on your piano? Traditional Christmas classics such as ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’, ‘Frosty the Snowman’ and ‘Silent Night’ (and more!), we’re sure they will get everyone on their feet for a good ol’ festive sing-along.

Cleaning Guitar Strings

If you’re more into your guitar, but it’s been stored away and has been badly affected by corrosion or rust, the best way to remove those components is to give them an intense clean. Did you know WD-40 can be used to tackle thick grime and rust on your guitar, applied using a toothbrush? It’s a Christmas miracle! If you do decide to do this, make sure that the pieces of hardware that you’re cleaning have been removed from the guitar first to prevent any damage.

Now, you’ve cleaned your guitar thoroughly and it’s ready to get going again, why not learn some new Christmas tunes to play on your guitar here.

We hope this post has got you excited for the Christmas period ahead, after all tis’ the season to play music with your friends and family! If you are looking for ways to get your house ready for guests and Christmas-ready, explore all the great ways WD-40 can help you around the house or read our top Christmas tree decorating tips! Browse our blog for even more WD-40 Uses and DIY tips to keep you busy.