Focus Feature – WD-40® Specialist® Motorbike Chain Cleaner and Chain Lube: How to correctly care for your motorbike chain

Another week, another focus feature! Following on from our last close-up look at the WD-40 Motorbike range, we’re back with a more detailed look at the WD-40 Motorbike family. Meet the perfect partners for the care of your motorbike chain — WD-40 Specialist Motorbike Chain Cleaner and Chain Lube.

A motorbike of average weight puts about the same amount of power to the rear wheel as a small car. Most of that power goes through the drive chain. If your chain starts to run dry or become dirty, it won’t take long before it starts to deteriorate, along with your sprockets. Ignore your chain and sprockets for long enough, and the results will be drastic. They will wear three or four times quicker than they ought to, and this will in turn have a big effect on your bike’s performance. The final implications of a neglected chain can be quite dangerous, especially if it eventually breaks while you’re riding.

So how should you prevent this? Just blasting the chain with a pressure washer while washing your bike isn’t enough to keep it working safely and in top condition. In fact, doing this can force water into the O, X or Z rings. Ideally you should be inspecting your chain and sprockets for damage and wear before every ride. (Specifically checking for rust spots or tight spots when moving the rear wheel). One of the most important steps for prevention of chain deterioration however, is proper cleaning and lubrication.

WD-40 Motorbike Chain Cleaner & Chain Lube – The perfect partners

Your chain should be cleaned before each lubrication. The combination of chain lube and grease or grit can mix to create a kind of gravelly ‘paste’. This will do much more damage than good. Petroleum-based cleaners, detergents or wire brushes can damage the chain so it’s best to avoid them. Using something specifically designed for the job, such as WD-40 Specialist Motorbike Chain Cleaner, will always bring you the best and safest results. The reason for this is the formula is free from substances that can harm your chain. It’s safe to use not only on the chain itself but on swing arm and drive train components too, for an all-round clean. What’s more, it’s quick-drying and leaves no gunky residue behind. Use this powerful aerosol to blast away any grease or oil deposits, as well as dust and dirt from the road, before moving onto lubrication.

A motorbike should be lubricated around every 300-600 miles to ensure peak performance and a longer lifespan. It’s important to lubricate the chain after riding, not before. This is so the solvents in the spray can evaporate before the bike is used again. It also lets the lubricant penetrate the link properly. Elevate your bike on its centre stand so that you’re able to rotate the rear wheel fully, then spray the chain with WD-40 Motorbike Chain Lube. You can aim the Smart Straw at the inside of the chain. Rotate the wheel until the three full revolutions of the chain are evenly covered. The deep lubrication will seep into all types of chain, giving an even, all-over coating. The formula continues working even after quick-drying, and has been tested to have excellent anti-fling properties while riding. Additionally, like all WD-40’s products, it will protect your chain from water ingress.

With the proper maintenance and the help of this dynamic duo from the WD-40 Motorbike range, your chain will be in safe hands, and so will you when you ride.

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