WD-40 Companies new can of WD-40® Multi-Use Flexible Straw really helps mechanics out when faced with the task of replacing gear linkages and selector rods. 

 Its long ultra-pliable metal ‘straw’ provides pin-point accuracy when applying the solution needed to free up the bolts, split pins and end caps without the need of lifting a car and taking up valuable time on ramps.  

 As the gear linkage is often found at the lower end of the rear of the engine, it’s normally just out of reach when working from the top – a headache, made worse by the fact said bolts are often corroded and seized. Flexible’s ‘straw’ adds 18.5 cm onto an arm which, in real terms, prevents any knuckle scrapping as you weave a hand through the upper engine. 

 A quick push with the trigger and a spray of WD-40® Multi-Use precisely hits the spot, a two-minute wait later and invariably the problematic bolts and split pins which have been invariably seized can be removed with relative ease. 

  WD-40 Multi-Use Flexible Straw is the evolution of the simple, but effective, iconic red straw cans. In summary, Flexible Straw is a hard-wearing and totally pliable ‘straw’ that maintains its ability to feed WD-40®Multi-Use to exactly the right spot even if curved round the tightest of bends.  

 The first of its kind and affixed to a taller, thinner, 400ml can that cleverly reduces overuse and waste as well as allowing for the longer flexible straw, the new system enables even the tightest of corners previously out of reach to be precisely targeted without any waste.    

 Ingeniously, the designers have incorporated its ‘Spray 2 Ways’ technology that, with the flip down of the flexible straw, turns the precise direct flow to more ‘spray-like’ to cover larger areas when, for example, they opt for WD-40® Multi-Use Product to clean an engine cowling or rocker cover. Its 360° valve ensures users literally can ‘Reach the Unreachable’ even with the cannister upside down.