Although changing your car battery may seem daunting, did you know you are able to do it all by yourself? In fact, you may find it easier than you thought, and much cheaper than taking it in to a garage. However, it is important to be informed before undertaking this task. That is why today we are sharing our five tips to use when changing your car battery. Continue reading to find out how to maintain your car battery and prolong its life with a little help from WD-40®…

Removing the Old Battery

When it comes to removing a car battery, it is crucial to ensure your car has been turned off for at least ten minutes before starting work. This is to avoid any chances of electrical shocks. Start the process by opening the bonnet and unscrewing the negative terminal, then the positive terminal. Don’t forget if any nuts are stuck, you can grab your handy bottle of WD-40® Multi-Use Product to help loosen them. Finally, carefully remove the battery, using a wrench to unscrew the attachment. Be careful, when removing the battery, avoid tilting it to steer clear of any acid spills.

How to Fit a Car Battery

Before starting the installation of the new battery, take some time to clean all the accumulated dirt. Using a clean cloth and a spritz of WD-40® Multi-Use Product, wipe away any stubborn residues. Once cleaned, insert the new battery into the hole.

Follow these simple steps to attach the new battery:

  1. Connect the positive terminal (+ sign)
  2. Then connect the negative bound (-sign)
  3. Finally, tighten the fasteners.

Make sure to follow the steps in order to avoid any complications!

Protecting the New Battery

Once you have changed your battery, we recommend protecting it with grease. Doing so will extend the life of your new car battery and avoid short circuits. This trick is a great way to protect your new battery – simply grab the WD-40® Specialist Long Lasting Spray Grease and spray the battery terminals. The grease helps to prevent possible future electrical losses and short circuits that may damage your new battery.

Check Everything is Working Properly  

Once you have changed your car battery and protected it with grease; it is important to check that everything is working correctly. For this, start your car: if it starts normally then, pat yourself on the back, because you have succeeded in changing your car battery by yourself.

However, if this is not the case, there is no need to panic. Start by checking to see if the battery terminals are connected correctly. Additionally, for more recent cars, it is often necessary to reset your cars’ radio. Refer to your manufacturer’s booklet to find out more.

Recycle the Old Car Battery

To wrap up this job, all you need to do now is correctly dispose of your old car battery. Ideally, take it to your nearest waste disposal site, so your battery can be properly recycled. Remember, never to throw your battery into the household waste bin.

So, there you have it! A perfectly working new car battery; be sure to follow all the tips and enjoy the extended life of your battery. Why not check out our other blog posts here to find more helpful tips.