You’ve noticed a thick paste on your motorbike chain, a combination of old lubricant, road dust, and dirt. As well as unsightly, this can lead to the chain having a shorter life span and is a key sign that you need to clean your motorcycle chain.

 How often should you clean your motorbike chain?

 It should be cleaned before each lubrication as the lube can build up alongside dirt and grit to create a paste that can reduce its life. Regular cleanings can help to reduce wear and maintain performance for longer.

What can you use to clean your motorbike chain?

WD-40® Specialist® Motorcycle Chain Cleaner is specifically designed for the removal of dirt, debris and old protecting products from motorbike chains. The formula will soften and solubilise all grease and oils to lift the contaminants with ease. You can use it on swing arms, sprockets, drivetrains, general metallic surfaces and O, X and Z chains.

Motorcycle Chain Cleaning Kit:

 The process:

 Step 1: Place the motorbike on a suitable stand so that the rear wheel is free to turn

Step 2: Next, place a tray under it to collect any dirty or excess liquid

Step 3: Apply Motorcycle Chain Cleaner by spraying liberally onto the chain and allow it to remain in contact for at least five minutes

Step 4: For heavy or stubborn dirt and grime, you may need to agitate with a brush to assist removal

Step 5: Finally, dry with a clean cloth or towel

 Pro tip: WD-40® Specialist® Motorbike Chain Cleaner is also great for the removal of dirt and debris from swing arms. You can simply follow the same steps above to clean your motorcycle swing arms.

 The WD-40 Specialist® Motorbike Chain Cleaner reduces wear and tear caused by the grinding of dirt particles to help maintain the life of metal parts – it can even be used on sprockets for a deep clean. So, now you know how to properly maintain your motorcycle, why not lubricate it as well? You can find out how in our blog, How To Lube Your Motorcycle. Need to maintain your motorcycle brakes? Why not read our blog on How To Use A Motorbike Brake Cleaner.

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