Who doesn’t like a clean house? The surreal and peaceful feeling it gives you when you enter a clean house is amazing – and with many of us working from home during this time, it’s more important than ever! Luckily WD-40 has plenty of uses for cleaning.

If you’re one of those people who are obsessed with a daily clean, then you will probably enjoy the following ‘clean my house’ hacks from WD-40®. Not only will these save you some time (which we all need at the moment!) but will also help you keep your house neat, clean and tidy.

Dirt Trapping Door Mats

Top Household Cleaning Tips

Are you tired of seeing dirt everywhere in your house time and time again just after you’ve cleaned it? Doormats are the answer! Doormats are highly effective in trapping dirt. So, if you do not want dirt to enter your house again after you have cleaned it, doormats will do the trick. Have a doormat inside, as well as outside the house. This will prevent the dirt attached to the shoes from entering the house. This works especially well in winters when the boots are all muddy and wet. However, make sure you keep the mats clean as well, otherwise, you will just be contributing to the mess in your house.

Best Way to Hoover

Top Household Cleaning Tips

So, you hoover every other day, but the house doesn’t seem clean? Does it feel like your hoover is missing lots of bits? Maybe you are hoovering the wrong way. According to the experts, there is a right way of vacuuming as well. They say that if you want to achieve the best results, start with vacuuming the room horizontally first. Once done horizontally, you can then move on to vertically to get all the trapped dirt from the carpets or the floors. In addition to this, vacuuming too fast is also not recommended by experts. In fact, they suggest vacuuming slowly as doing it fast will not pick up all the dirt particles.

Create A Cleaning Schedule

Top Household Cleaning Tips

Another ‘Clean My House’ hack to consider is creating a schedule to keep on top of tasks. Just like any other thing, you need to start cleaning your house with a cleaning plan in mind. We all get random cleaning bursts when we see something dirty. However, if you want to keep your cleaning process smoother and efficient, plan beforehand and stick with it.

When tackling a room carefully observe everything in the room that needs your attention. Once you have it all in mind, start from one side. Begin with the things on the top and continue cleaning towards the bottom. This will prevent extra work. Do it in a circle, starting from one corner of the room and ending it on the same corner afterwards as well. Once you are done with one room, move to the next. Do not move back and forth as it will tire you up and you might miss important spots too.

Use WD-40 to Clean With

That’s right, that blue and red WD-40 can has many uses for cleaning. WD-40 is a bit of an elusive product – it’s not actually just for squeaky doors! It is useful for all over the house when it comes to your day to day cleaning regime. With 2000 uses, it has a number of handy hacks and tricks up its lid for dealing with spotty, scuffed, and stuck-on messes that everyone should know about and embrace. From removing (as well as preventing) fingerprints from stainless steel, removing stickers and sticker residue (we all have that one child that likes to put a sticker anywhere!) to wiping away shoe scuff marks on your freshly mopped tiled floor (remove excess after use to prevent slipping) and removing crayon from walls (surely it’s not just us that has a Picasso in their life?!) – and much more!

We hope you find these simple yet effective house cleaning tips useful. They will help you have a cleaner house with less effort. Did you know WD-40 has various products for helping you with your cleaning? For more excellent WD-40 uses, tips and hacks visit here.