Having to clean your roof tiles may seem like a daunting operation, but fear not, we have you covered. Our homes, garages and other structures are often subject to intense degradation by atmospheric agents and smog. Additionally, the presence of trees in the immediate vicinity of the roof frequently causes the development of moss and algae.  

All these situations not only make your roof look unsightly, it can lead to dangerous levels of degradation from cracked tiles to water leaks. Furthermore, the presence of foreign plant materials may gradually clog gutters. 

Therefore, it is important to carry out regular roof cleaning to avoid any unnecessary damage. The techniques used to clean roof tiles vary depending on the type of roof. To find out the best way to clean your roof tiles, with a little help from WD-40®, check out our tips below!  

How To Safely Clean your Roof Tiles  

Your roof may not be the easiest place to access. Often it’s dangerous area to work on, therefore you should always adhere to the following safety tips.  

Make sure you use sturdy extendable ladders, that are well maintained using WD-40® Multi-Use Product on all of the sliding elements.  

Additionally, grab the necessary safety equipment, such as: harnesses with carabiners, ropes with adequate strength, anchoring elements, shoes with grip soles, and a helmet.  

How to Clean Terracotta Tiles and Concrete Roof Tiles 

Next, you need to clean the tiles more thoroughly. This step must be differentiated according to the type of roof tile on your home. The most effective system for cleaning terracotta or concrete roof tiles is using a pressure washer. This can effectively eliminate moss and other foreign elements. A normal washing detergent can also be mixed within the water. It is important that during this step you only use the jet at the top of the roof pointing downwards. The jet can creep under tiles causing leaks, or in certain instances lead to misplaced tiles.  

Repeat this process on any tiles which still have moss and other residues on them, using a brush with rigid plastic bristles. To finish this step, wash over the gutters one last time to remove any collected debris.   

You can follow the same steps as above for stone tiles, such as slate or Luserna stone. However, some stones may require more intense brushing to ensure they are thoroughly clean.  

Washing Bituminous Sheath Roofs  

To clean “Canadian” tiles made from bituminous sheath, or stone finished on top with shingles of various colours, avoid using a pressure washer. Instead wash the roof only by hand, using a soft bristled brush in circular motions. Be careful not to damage the roof with your feet; it is recommended to use panels or boards to move around.  

How to Clean a Plastic Conservatory Roof 

Plastic roofs should be washed with a pressure washer; however, it is recommended to either not brush the roof or to only use a soft bristled brush. This is important to avoid scratching or marking the plastic surface. Again, be careful when moving around on these roofs to avoid breakages.  

So, there you have it! A clean and well-maintained roof which will be the envy of all of your neighbours! Why not check out our other blog posts here to find more helpful tips on maintaining your home including how to clean your decking and much more!