Who doesn’t love a fresh pair of white trainers? We all know the struggle of wearing your favourite white trainers without ruining the crisp clean aesthetic! But now you can wear them without the stress as we teach you how to clean white trainers easily! Here’s a little secret – did you know WD-40® is your ultimate go-to to get them looking like new again?

All types of shoes, including trainers, can gather a build-up of stubborn dirt and grime over time, but white trainers and shoes show up dirt far quicker than the rest. Throwing them in the washing machine can certainly help remove the majority of the dirt, but it’s time to say goodbye to stubborn grime such as oil, tar, or dare we say it, doggie doo? So, before you make the rash and frustrated decision to throw them in the bin, grab that handy bottle of WD-40 you’ve had stored away to help with cleaning white trainers!

How to Clean White Trainers

Yep, you heard us right. You may know that WD-40 is your trusted lubricant to remove rust from metal furniture or fix squeaks from door hinges, and although it may come as a surprise, it can actually be used to when cleaning white trainers. To get the low-down on how to get them looking new again, read our step-by-step guide below:

What You Need to Clean White Trainers:  

Steps for Cleaning White Trainers:

 Step 1: Clean the excess dirt and grime with warm water and soap

Step 2: Use a shoe cleaning brush to loosen grime

Step 3: Spray WD-40 onto your shoe, (remember you can use the wide or precision spray function, depending on where the stain is)

Step 4: Wipe the excess liquid off with a dry clean cloth

 Pro Tip: Did you know that you can use WD-40 to waterproof your trainers? Read more in our article here: How To Waterproof Your Shoes.

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