Garden Shears or Secateurs are every gardener’s best friend. Well, why wouldn’t they be? Whether you are an avid or beginner gardener, pruning shears are used for a wide variety of tasks, and this is naturally why they get so beat up. That said, it is very easy to neglect garden shears from basic maintenance but with proper cleaning and sharpening, they will perform better and last longer. With these simple steps below, you will know how to carry out maintenance of your secateurs – lubricating and sharpening pruning shears like an expert, and they will be in much better shape for any gardening task at hand.

Always remember to be extra careful when handling sharp objects and wear necessary protective clothing. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself then don’t.

How To Sharpen Secateurs & Pruning Shears

There is nothing more annoying than going about pruning your garden with a blunt pruner. You just end up struggling and ripping away bending branches, leaving your plant looking in terrible shape. So, it’s worth avoiding all your frustrations by simply investing your time into properly sharpening your secateurs.

This can be done in two steps – first with a file and then a sharpening stone.

Sharpening Secateurs with a File

You can begin using a coarse file by pushing the file along the edge of the pruner blade’s curved section. Remember to always move in the same direction while filing though. You will notice that with each file, the blade will morph into a brighter colour.

Sharpening Secateurs With a Stone

After you’re done sharpening your secateurs with a file, you can go ahead and use a sharpening stone on them. By doing so, you can smoothen out the blade. This part of the process can also be done with the help of some steel wool. All you will have to do is rub the apparatus in a circular motion over the blade to remove all the last bits of roughness and rust.

How to Lubricate Garden Pruning Shears with WD-40

The sharpening process cannot be completed without learning how to lubricate pruning shears. All you need here is a little WD-40® Flexible Straw. Spray some of the fast-acting formula on a clean rag and then rub the rag on your pruning shears blade. Remember to wipe any excess of the blade carefully.

How to Clean Secateurs & Pruning Shears Daily

After you have used your pruning shears for a day’s job, it’s important to complete some quick and easy maintenance before storing them away. Simply wipe the blades clean using a cotton face pad – you may even soak want to soak the cotton pads in some alcohol or hydrogen peroxide in advance for a more precise clean. After doing this, you can also pour a little WD-40 onto steel wool and then buff the pruning shears blades with it. Doing so, will not only lubricate pruning shears but will also prevent it from forming rust from the day’s work.

How to Seasonally Deep Clean Your Pruning Shears

Apart from the daily clean, you will have to also unscrew the nuts of the pruning shears and give them a real deep clean seasonally. While all the pieces are apart, use soapy warm water to clean every individual piece with a toothbrush. Once this has been done, rub each of these pieces with some hydrogen peroxide or alcohol.

We hope you see what a difference keeping on top of these maintenance tips makes to your secateurs, garden pruners, pruning shears or whatever you like to call them! With the help of WD-40 you can keep plenty of your essential gardening equipment in top condition for longer! Explore our guides on Lawn mower maintenance and how to clean your sprinklers for more great tips.