To maintain the life of your gas boiler, there are a few quick and simple tasks that you can complete to prolong its efficiency. Regular maintenance is essential and can reduce the amount of time and money spent on professional care. Follow the easy steps below for boiler maintenance but remember to turn the boiler off first!

Internal cleaning of the gas boiler

Once the cover of the gas boiler has been removed (this is usually very straightforward to remove), you can check if there are any deposits of dust or other material. If there are, it’s best to vacuum them with the help of a brush, a toothbrush or even a can of compressed air. Dust residues can creep into electrical equipment and cause serious damage.

Fume exhaust and air intake pipes

Disconnect the fume exhaust pipe and visually check that there are no deposits or obstacles in it (such as wasp or bird nests, etc.). The air intake pipe usually has a protection grid where dust and other materials gather.

Simply vacuum and clean the area thoroughly. You can also use rubbing alcohol to clean the internal walls, removing any black deposits. If any limescale spots have formed due to micro-drips from the water connections, remove them with a clean brush and some vinegar.

Taps and valves for hot/cold water and gas

Very rarely the taps and valves are opened and closed in gas boilers, so you might have a hard time trying to open them if they are rusted or seized. If they are stuck, you can use WD-40 Specialist Fast Release Penetrant to help loosen the cap effectively.

When opened, apply WD-40 Specialist High-Performance PTFE Lubricant, which provides effective lubrication and protects the mechanism whilst also reducing friction – in particular, it is ideal for components exposed to water.

The opening and closing of valves should be done periodically (even if you don’t need to open them) to stop the formation of deposits that may make it hard to open in the future.

Condensation water outlet in gas boilers

These outlets in condensation boilers must be disconnected downstream (and possibly also upstream) to check for unnecessary obstructions. If needed, pass a flexible brush inside to remove these barriers to ensure a consistent flow of gas.

The thermostat

It is essential that batteries are checked regularly on your thermostat. If they are low, it can cause the boiler to lose saved data. In order to improve conductivity, we recommend spraying WD-40 Specialist Fast Drying Contact Cleaner which is perfect for cleaning electrical components as it dries quickly, leaving no residue.

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