Spring has officially arrived and if you are anything like us, you are excited because you can finally get your motorcycle out and take it for that long anticipated ride you’ve been waiting for! However, before you get your baby out from hibernation and on the road, what’s the first step most of us take? Get it looking good of course! And did you know, polishing your motorcycle will do more than just making it look shiny and brand-new again, it can actually maintain the life of your bike and protect the paintwork. Find out how to polish your motorbike in our guide below.

 Our WD-40® Specialist® Motorbike Wax & Polish is designed for use on metallic surfaces, chrome, plastic trim, paintwork, aluminium and carbon fibre – it even provides that all-important deep, glossy shine to your motorcycle that you long for. Thanks to the fast-acting formula, which contains a mixture of carnauba wax and bees wax, the motorcycle polish spray is deeply conditioning providing full protection from everyday elements such as rain, wind and dirt. It also repels water, allowing it to bead off your motorcycle’s paintwork and sustain a fantastic, wet-look and long-lasting finish – with zero streaks!

 So, lets get started and read our guide on how to use motorcycle chrome polish, below.

You will need:

 How to polish the chrome on a motorbike:

 Step 1: Ensure that your motorbike is cool. Do not apply the product to hot surfaces, and always allow it to cool down before polishing it.

Step 2: Make sure the surface is clean and dry. For a guide on how to clean your motorcycle, click here.

Step 3: Shake the can well

Step 4: Spray the product from a distance of ten to twenty cm.

Step 5: Allow the solution to haze on the surface

Step 6: Buff to a high shine, with a soft clean cloth

Pro tip: Want to give your bike that extra shine? Why not try our WD-40® Specialist® Motorbike Silicone Shine? It contains silicone fluids which are designed to give an all-over great gloss to your motorcycle. The silicone spray works on dull plastic areas of your motorcycle such as fairings and fenders.



Eager to try it out? You can purchase our WD-40® Specialist® Motorbike Wax & Polish on Amazon. For more tips and tricks, read our blog here.