As the winter months roll in and snowy weather begins, getting to important places such as school and work can be difficult. To avoid stress in the mornings before commutes it is important to know how to remove snow from your driveway! WD-40® is here to help and give you some top snow clearing tips to keep your driveway clear!

So, grab your gloves and shovel, and get clearing snow with a little help from WD-40®!

Take Precautions When Removing Snow From Driveway

Snowy conditions can be extremely hazardous, so it’s important to ensure you are well equipped, safe, and prepared before taking out any further steps. Firstly, you should never drive a car in dangerous conditions. If you are unsure if driving is safe, you should stay at home.

Always ensure you are wearing adequate protective equipment whilst clearing snow or dealing with grit. Gloves, a hat, a scarf, a coat, and goggles are all recommended to make sure you stay warm and safe. Finally, you should never try and clear snow with hot water. This can re-freeze and lead to dangerous black ice!

Prevent Need for Snow Clearing!

As the old saying goes, prevention is better than a cure. If you notice that the weather report is forecasting snow and ice, you should aim to grit your drive before the clouds arrive to avoid having to remove as much snow from your drive. Most housing estates have a municipal grit bin nearby provided by the council – make sure you utilise this! Using a spade or snow shovel, disperse the grit across the surface of your driveway.

Best Way to Remove Snow from Driveway? Shovel Little and Often!

If the snow has settled and you are determined to get the car safely out of your driveway, shovel whilst it is falling! You don’t want to leave removing snow from the driveway till the morning when a thick layer has had chance to settle! Take regular intervals throughout the evening to shovel snow as it is falling – moving two inches is a lot easier than moving six!

If you find that your spade or snow shovel is gathering a build up of snow, you can use a spritz of WD- ® Multi-Use Product to help the snow slide off the surface easily. WD-40® has water displacing properties, meaning it will repel the snow from the transparent barrier it creates, making your shovelling job slightly easier. Every little helps!

Allow plenty of time before your journey to make adequate preparations. You may need to shovel further than your drive to reach a main road safely, so take that extra time into consideration when clearing snow.

Make Sure Your Car is Snow Safe Too!

If you successfully manage to clear your drive from snow, make sure you clear your car of snow to make it safe to drive too. If the snow is thick, using a broom with a telescopic handle can help you to reach the trickiest areas, including the roof of your car and your windscreens.

Once you have removed the snow from your windows, you may also need to melt the layer of ice underneath. It is recommended to use either a de-icer solution, or an ice scraper to remove this layer. Never drive without a full clear view out of your windows.

So, there you have it – you now know how to remove snow from your driveway when needed! If you would like to find out more ways that WD-40® can help with everyday tasks around the home and garden, why not check out our blog page  . There are also plenty of other WD-40® uses for cars and motorbike uses you can discover!