WD-40 can do a lot of things, but did you know it’s unexpectedly good at removing stains? We love keeping our bathrooms and toilets clean — but unfortunately they are prone to getting dirty quickly. Some marks or stains just won’t shift no matter how much you scrub. However, we’ve experimented yet again and found a quick solution! If you’re dealing with a particularly dirty or stained toilet and nothing else seems to be working, a little WD-40 might be all you need to break down those tough marks.

WD-40 How To has got you covered!


Want to see the results of our experiment yourself? Just grab a can of WD-40 and follow our 5 easy steps.


1: Spray some WD-40 onto the stain/s you want to remove. Only a small amount will do.


2: Allow the formula to work its magic by waiting for the product to be absorbed into the stained area of the toilet bowl.


3: Using a toilet brush, scrub the surface of the previously sprayed area.


4: Rinse the area well with water, then follow up with some bleach, or whatever cleaner you prefer.


5: Rinse once more, and enjoy your nice clean toilet! Good as new!


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