How To Maintain Your Wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrows are a very handy piece of equipment to make maintaining your garden much easier. Not only are they handy for transporting and moving all sorts of outdoor materials, they are also designed to protect your back from heavy lifting and carrying, reducing the likelihood of injury. Find out how to maintain a wheelbarrow in our guide below.

So, why not give your wheelbarrow some much-needed TLC with some simple maintenance tips from the experts at WD-40®, to ensure your gardening ‘best friend’ is around for as long as possible.

Basic Wheelbarrow Maintenance

  1. The handles

The handles are very often the most overlooked part of a wheelbarrow, with the wheel and barrow traditionally being the prime focus for any related updates to your cart.

If you’ve noticed your wheelbarrow’s handles are getting rough, then get your sandpaper ready to give them a new lease of life! Alternatively, you can also occasionally run them down with linseed or any other type of oil, making sure that the handles are dry before storing.

  1. The barrow

The barrow is the bucket of the wheelbarrow that is often the first to fall victim to dirt and grime from the garden, so it should be the first on your list for a spring clean. Why not start giving your wheelbarrow a basic clean after every use by scraping out any mulch or dirt.

Doing this will make for a much easier time when you do a thorough clean, where we’d recommend using a wire brush to scrub away tough dirt. You could even add some non-abrasive cleaning liquid into the mix, although you should always make sure it is dry before storing away.

  1. The wheel and axle

It is vitally important to maintain the wheel and the axle of your wheelbarrow, as, if both components fail, then your wheelbarrow will stop rolling, ultimately not doing its job sufficiently. In order to keep your axle working effectively, all you need to do is give a good squirt with an excellent lubricant, where we’d recommend WD-40®’s Multi-Use Product as the leading product on the market. The product will prevent the axle and wheelbarrow from rusting, and also help to repel dirt.

To make sure your wheelbarrow tyre is up to scratch, keeping it inflated sufficiently will see the best results. Make sure to repeat these steps every week to keep this handy garden tool in great shape.

  1. Protection

Although a shed or garage is a prime location to store your wheelbarrow, we understand this isn’t possible. If you have to leave your metal wheelbarrow outdoors, you can protect it from rust with a quick spray of WD-40®’s Multi-Use Product to create a protective layer.


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