WD-40 Waterproofs your Running Shoes!

Ever since WD-40 came out in the 1950’s, it has been saving and helping people in all kinds of situations; at work, home, in the garden or in the garage.

WD-40 is one can with THOUSANDS of uses that we want you all to know about! It’s not just the solver of “squeaky hinges” though… WD-40 will make your life easier in so many ways.

WD-40 is a multipurpose tool everyone needs in their home; especially if you’re a runner! Here’s why…

Winter will soon be approaching, but that doesn’t stop a runner getting out and pounding the pavements! Did you know a thin layer of WD-40 can help act as a barrier to keep water (or snow) from getting into your shoes!? That way you’ll keep those feet warm and dry all through the winter months How to Waterproof Shoes With WD-40

RUNNERS!!! Listen Up: 3 Ways WD-40 Will Make Your Life Easier!

WD-40 Removes Dog Poo from your Running Shoes

No one likes running in dog poo, but if you run across fields the chances are you’ve ran through something you’d rather not have on your running shoes!

WD-40 is your best bet to clean it off! Just spray it on, allowing it to soak in and then use an old toothbrush to help clean the grooves; it will be a lot easier to get it off your running shoes soles using WD-40.

P.S WD-40 also works on cleaning chewing gum off your running shoes if you step in that too!


RUNNERS!!! Listen Up: 3 Ways WD-40 Will Make Your Life Easier!


WD-40 Loosens Tight Zips on your Running Clothes

Whatever your choice of running gear, chances are you’ll have a zip pocket somewhere to keep a key or your phone safe whilst you munch the miles. Zip pockets are awesome, until they get stuck when you need access mid run…

If you have a zipper that’s stuck, using a bit of WD-40 can help. Even if it’s one that is constantly catching, WD-40 will help make it like new again.


RUNNERS!!! Listen Up: 3 Ways WD-40 Will Make Your Life Easier!

Using the WD-40 Sprays2Ways SmartStraw precision spray, you can get right into the zip function and spray the teeth without making a mess!