Christmas is undoubtedly a busy time of year – there’s so much planning to be done, from deciding what to buy for everyone and then shopping for it, to meal prepping and party planning – and let’s not get started on the tree decoration decisions! Well, this year, we’re here to take a little bit of pain out of getting ready for Christmas. Continue reading to find out our top tips on getting ready for Christmas!  

Organise Ornaments  

They’ve been up in the loft for almost a year, so your ornaments are bound to need a polish! Taking these out way ahead of time is a great way to get the house ready for Christmas without last minute stress!  

Did you know WD-40® Multi-Use Product makes an excellent go-to product for ‘out-of-the-ordinary tasks? Its unique formula is great for removing grease and grime from most surfaces, and it is absolutely perfect for removing tree sap off your baubles. They’ll be shiny and ready to hang in no time. Simply spray a little WD-40® on a cloth and give them a gentle rub! 

Get Ready For Christmas By Avoiding Tree Tragedy 

Don’t despair if you need to move the Christmas tree… 

Bringing the Christmas tree indoors can be challenging. Getting it in exactly the right place, with the correct ‘side’ facing out into the room even more so. But no need to worry if the bottom of the pot scuffs the floor as you slide it into position. WD-40® Multi-Use Product can come to the rescue again. Scuff marks can be removed in an instant with just a quick spray and wipe – your floors will be as good as new again. Please note, you should always remove any leftover product immediately from your floor, as it may be a slipping risk!

Get the House Ready for Christmas Visitors by Masking Unwanted Odours 

With little spare time for walking the dog, it’s time to multitask and cover undesirable smells while baking some festive fancies! 

There’s nothing nicer than the room-filling scents of goodies baking in the oven. Well, nothing except for when they’re Christmas-scented goodies! Oranges give off a delightful aroma whilst baking (and long afterwards) and are a lovely way to decorate your home. An easy method is to slice the oranges into 1-2cm discs, pat them dry and then put them in an oven at a very low heat. Turn them every half hour or so they don’t stick, but that’s it! Once cool, hang some in the kitchen where warm air from the oven will ensure you’re surrounded by the citrus smell all throughout the festive period. You can also thread them on to ribbons for garlands or pile into a bowl or basket with pinecones and cinnamon sticks to fill your living room with the scent of Christmas. 

No Time Like The Present 

Don’t delay, start your shopping today! Of course one of the main things to get ready for Christmas is the gifts! It’s never too early to start shopping for Christmas gifts.  

Start now and spread out the costs over a couple of months. You’ve also got ‘Black Friday’ sales to consider. Now really is the time to start thinking about who gets what. Starting early gives you time to do your research thoroughly. You should make a list of everyone you need to buy for. Taking your time will really help you choose presents wisely (and, just saying, who doesn’t love some WD-40® for their toolbox) – and you won’t have to worry about delivery times for friends and family who won’t be with you at Christmas. You can also spread the dreaded chore of wrapping out too! 

Fill The Freezer in Preparation for Christmas  

Think of Christmas, think of food. That’s why you should prepare any food you can ahead of time. 

It’s never-ending, from neighbours popping by for a drink and nibbles, to parties with endless canapés, full-on sit-down meals and, of course, the BIG Christmas feast. With some food, such as the stuffing, sausage rolls and cakes, you can prepare it, cook it, and freeze it a few months in advance, so that all you need to do on Christmas Day is defrost and reheat! You can also start stocking up on some ‘Christmas’ ingredients you might not already have in your pantry. 

With only double-digit days to go before Christmas, make sure you get ahead and prepare your home for the festivities with plenty of time to spare so YOU can enjoy the holiday season this year too!If you enjoyed this blog, and would like to find out more ways WD-40® can help you with your daily tasks, why not check out our blog page? There are plenty of other ways WD-40® can help you in the winter months like by clearing driveway snowradiator maintenance and much more!