With over 2000 confirmed uses, WD-40® is your trusty go-to can everyone needs in their toolbox! But, with so many uses, do you know everything that WD-40 can do? Probably not! So, check out below to find out 25 of the best uses for WD-40 in your home or garden.

WD-40 Uses for Home & Garden

Some of the top uses for WD-40 around your home and garden include:

  1. Removes glue residue from old panelling
  2. Helps lubricate gate valve on a house
  3. Helps remove paint from tile flooring
  4. Keeps sewing machine wheels turning smoothly
  5. Loosens and penetrates rusted or stuck plumbing joints
  6. Loosens rusted bolts
  7. Loosen caught zippers
  8. Lubricates and protects power tools
  9. Removes rust from saws
  10. Unsticks painted radiator valves
  11. Prevents guitar strings from rusting
  12. Unsticks piano keys
  13. Keeps lawnmower wheels turning smoothly
  14. Keeps snow from sticking to shovels and plows
  15. Unkinks gold chains
  16. Cleans carpet stains
  17. Stop wooden tools from giving you splinters
  18. Keep pesky squirrels off your bird feeders!
  19. Clean hard water stains in the toilet
  20. Remove rust from gardening tools
  21. Protect garden furniture – both metal and plastic!
  22. Lubricate your garden gate
  23. Clean your BBQ
  24. Apply to snow shovels to prevent rust
  25. Helps prevent grass from sticking to lawnmower blades

And the uses for WD-40 don’t stop there! You can find hundreds of uses of WD-40 in our handy roundup here, for both inside and outside of your home. Or check out our other uses for WD-40 when applied to motorcycles, bicycles and even your car!