WD-40®, the blue and yellow can with 2000 confirmed uses – whether you need to remove crayon from the wall, keep your tools rust-free or lubricate hinges, WD-40 Multi-Use can help!

Whilst the most common use for WD-40 Multi-Use is protecting metal from rust and corrosion, penetrating stuck parts, displacing moisture, and lubricating almost anything, WD-40 Multi-Use really does have multiple uses! We have rounded up some of the best wd-40 uses below, you will be surprised by some of them!

What Can WD-40 Be Used For?

The top 25 amazing uses for WD-40 you didn’t know about:

  1. You can remove tar, tree sap, and bird poop from car and truck exteriors.
  2. Shines the leaves on your artificial plants.
  3. Removes crayon from walls, carpet, toys, plastic, compressed wood furniture, shoes, and from your dryer (just unplug it first!).
  4. Helps clean gunk and scuff marks off your ceramic floors.
  5. Shine and remove fingerprints from stainless steel appliances.
  6. Lubricates squeaky drawers, doors, and small rolling toys.
  7. Keeps garden tools rust-free plus helps clean them.
  8. Removes ink from carpet, leather, and other fabrics.
  9. Protects wrought iron like outdoor furniture from rust
  10. Cleans and polishes gold and brass.
  11. Helps remove adhesive from price tags, labels, and stickers.
  12. Keeps metal surfaces from rusting
  13. Keeps hose ends from corroding
  14. Lubricate your DIY tools or prevent saw blades and tools from rusting, plus loosen rusty nuts and screws.
  15. Lubricates doggie doors
  16. Removes gum stuck to walls, concrete, shoes, and floors.
  17. Coat outside pipes during winter to help prevent freezing damage or pipe bursts.
  18. Removes wax from vinyl surfaces.
  19. Penetrates rusted parts so you can remove rusted nails.
  20. Helps camouflage scratches in linoleum, ceramic tile, and counter-tops.
  21. Remove candle wax or glue from carpet
  22. Remove old duct tape and its residue.
  23. Cleans and softens paintbrushes.
  24. Loosen stubborn zippers (just be careful around the clothing!).
  25. Keep bugs at bay. Spray WD-40 on window sills, etc to keep spiders and bugs out.

Can you use WD-40 for bikes?

Yes, you can use WD-40 on your bike! WD-40 is a lubricant and degreaser, so it is perfect for your bike chain and bike parts.

So, what can WD-40 do for your bike? Here are the top bike uses:

 Can you use WD-40 on cars?

Yes WD-40 can be used for a number of things on cars ! Find our top WD-40 uses for cars below:

WD-40 car uses:

  • Helps remove protective coverings from new cars
  • Car scuff mark remover
  • Displaces moisture from car wiring
  • Cleans pin striping tape from car
  • Loosens rusted oxygen sensor in car exhaust pipe
  • Stops squeaks on car doors
  • Lubricates car door hinges
  • Keeps car locks from freezing during winter
  • Prevents mud from sticking to undercarriages of ATVs
  • Removes surfboard wax from car roof
  • Removes baked-on bird droppings from car and truck exteriors
  • Removes gum stuck in carpeting or between seats
  • Removes gunk and grease from fenders, windows and car interiors
  • Removes bugs from cars
  • Keeps rubber car door seals soft and prevents drying and cracking
  • Protects chrome on cars
  • Protects corrosion-sensitive areas of the car
  • Stops squeaks in car strut mounts
  • Keeps a disassembled race car engine well-oiled and prevents rust when parts are sprayed down and wrapped in plastic wrap for the off-season

Home Uses For WD-40

WD-40 has lots of uses for around the house, from getting you and your children out of sticky situations and keeping your home appliances running smoothly find our top WD-40 home uses below:

Top WD-40 Home Uses:

  • Removes glue residue from old paneling
  • Helps lubricate gate valve on a house
  • Helps remove paint from tile flooring
  • Keeps sewing machine wheels turning smoothly
  • Loosens and penetrates rusted or stuck plumbing joints
  • Loosens rusted bolts
  • Lubricates and protects power tools
  • Removes rust from saws
  • Unsticks painted radiator valves
  • Prevents guitar strings from rusting
  • Unsticks piano keys
  • Keeps lawnmower wheels turning smoothly
  • Keeps snow from sticking to shovels and plows
  • Unkinks gold chains

As you can see, WD-40 is a very versatile product that can help with a wide variety of situations. If it needs shining, protecting, greasing or lubricating, the brand is here to give you the most effective solution in your house or in your garage. You can also read our blog for DIY Tips and Tricks and more uses for WD-40.

When in need, trust WD-40!

Want more uses? Why not check out our full list of 2000 uses for WD-40.

Get a can today, see the product page here: WD-40 Multi Use Product Original if you prefer to buy online check out our Amazon page here: WD-40 Amazon