The sad but harsh truth is, those brand-new trainers you’ve been longing for, for so long, are just not cut-out for wet weather. But before you trade them in for rainproof shoes such as boots or wellies, why not invest in a dependable waterproof shoe spray to help safeguard them? Protecting any textile-based footwear from drips and drizzles to the occasional dunk in a puddle – you’ll be rocking your favourite kicks in next to no time, without the worry of British weather! Find our guide on how to waterproof your shoes below.

Waterproof Spray For Shoes –

So, what reliable waterproof spray for shoes do I invest in, you ask. Introducing the trusted WD-40® lubricant and rust-remover. No, really. You don’t need to break the bank and purchase a fancy waterproof spray – that infamous blue and red can that’s been hiding in your cupboard is the ultimate protector that you need.

WD-40 can protect your footwear from water thanks to its unique, specialist formula. Whether you want to shield your trainers from the rain or give your winter boots extra protection from snow, WD-40 will provide an extra barrier so that water does not penetrate the material, and simply beads off. Read our guide below on waterproofing shoes.

How To Waterproof Your Shoes:

 What you will need:

The process:

 Step 1: Clean and dry your shoes thoroughly

Step 2: Spray WD-40 Smart Straw with the precision applicator to ensure accurate and complete coverage

Step 3:  Leave the formula to dry

Pro Tip: Did you know that WD-40 can actually clean your shoes? Now that you have clean trainers, you can find out how to clean white trainers in our how-to guide.

So, now you know one of the many cool uses of WD-40, it’s time to discover what else the famous blue and red can do! From removing crayon from walls, how to stop a squeaky door, or a guide to cleaning coffee stains – find more tips and tricks here.

Waterproofing Shoes