WD-40® may not be the most festive product, but did you know that it can help you hack Christmas? Yes, the iconic bottle can help your Christmas go off without a hitch. And here are five ways you can use it throughout the festive season:

Bring Back the Festive Shine

After a year of being squirreled away in the loft, we bet your decorations are in need of a bit of a polish to bring back that festive shine. But you don’t need to head to your cleaning cupboard for a glorious concoction of cleaning products – you just need your trusty can of WD-40®. The WD-40 Multi-Use Flexible Straw can be used to easily remove unwanted residue from Christmas tree ornaments thanks to its fast-acting formula. Effortlessly removing unattractive marks or dust that have accumulated in storage, this go-to household product will help get them gleaming once again. Just spray a little directly on your ornament and polish it up with a soft cloth. Voila!

Don’t Be Sappy – Be Happy

If you’re a real tree lover but struggle with tree sap, try spraying the WD-40® Multi-Use Flexible Straw on any sap to easily remove the sticky solution. Simply spray onto the affected area and wipe away with a damp cloth. The sap will be gone, and you can get back to enjoying your beloved tree.

Loosen Your Ladder

How often do you go in your loft – once a year every Christmas? Me too! If your ladders are anything like mine, they’ll be stiff and squeaky. You may even struggle to get them down. But that’s where the WD-40 Specialist® Spray Grease comes in. Just use the smart straw on joints to loosen them up and they’ll pop down without a sound. Giving you a clear route for trees, wreaths, bauble boxes, and even statues and inflatable decorations.

Keep The Entertainment Coming

Christmas is just as much about family blockbusters as it is about turkey. But is there anything more annoying than going to turn on the TV and finding the remote doesn’t work? Our remotes tend to get a lot of hammer. And over time, they can get clogged up with dirt and grime, which can work its way into the battery compartments. To make sure they keep working, spray a small amount of WD-40 Specialist® Contact Cleaner on the battery contacts, in order to keep power flowing throughout the season. You can also use it to keep toys running from dusk ‘til dawn. Job done.

Carry On Gaming

Did you know that dirt and dust can build up in games consoles over time – regardless of how much they’re used? Not only can this result in malfunctions, but if left, it can mean you need to replace the whole unit. And if you’re relying on a console for a bit of family entertainment this Christmas, this can wreak havoc. The best way to avoid this is to keep on top of it and ensure the console is cleaned regularly. If you’re not sure where or how to start, the WD-40 Specialist® Contact Cleaner can do this for you. Safe to use on sensitive electrical equipment, it provides excellent cleaning with minimal fuss, removing dirt, dust, condensation and flux residue with ease, leaving you to battle it out on Mario Kart or bust a move on Just Dance.

If this has got you in the festive spirit, we’d love to see the results of your hacks – just tag us on social!

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