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Not all bikes have an engine! Our WD-40 BIKE range is specifically designed for those people who prefer pedal power, and who love to cycle through all weathers, all conditions, and all environments.

Cycling isn’t a hobby; it’s a way of life, and knowing how much you value your bike and its condition, we’ve designed this range of products to be your go-to when servicing, maintaining and riding your bike. We’ve researched and developed our WD-40 BIKE range extensively with cycling teams and experts to provide a best-in-class product family that provides an answer to your every need. From amateur cyclists on a Sunday run, to leading athletes in the fields of road and off-road racing, people across the spectrum rely on the WD-40 BIKE range to maintain and extend the life of their bike, letting them worry less about the conditions and more about the road ahead.

Our WD-40 BIKE range includes:

  • BIKE Degreaser – quick-drying effective degreaser, for cleaning chains, deraillers and cogsets
  • BIKE All Conditions Lube – High quality PTFE Lube for maximum lubrication in all weathers and conditions
  • BIKE Cleaner – An all-in-one spray-on cleaner that quickly and easily removes mud, dirt, dust and reside from your bike
  • BIKE Dry Lube – Specially formulated lubrication suitable for dry and dusty conditions
  • BIKE Wet Lube – A PTFE-based formula that works in wet and muddy environments

Our Product Range

WD-40 BIKE DEGREASER 1 Degreaser
WD40-All-Conditions-Lube All Conditions Lube
WD40-Bike-Cleaner Bike Cleaner
WD40-Bike-Dry-Lube Dry Lube
WD40-Wet-Lube Wet Lube

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