WD‑40 Specialist® Motorbike

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We’ve designed the Motorbike range with performance and passion in mind.

Specialist Motorbike Range
wd40 motorbike

Performance is everything

You want your bike to run, look and sound the very best it can. Whether you’re riding in front of 20,000 fans or a herd of sheep as you take the scenic route home, we’ve designed the WD‑40 Specialist Motorbike range with performance and passion in mind.

wd40 motorbike

Researched and developed by experts

We have worked to ensure that our products meet your needs, regardless if you’re a biker or team mechanic. We’ve developed our formulas in conjunction with the University of Sheffield, and even created an anti-fling test for chain-specific formulas. This keeps the product working where you’ve applied it. We also test all our products with Team Pramac Racing, from the MotoGP Series, to ensure our range consistently meets the standards of high performance race environments.

WD‑40 Specialist® Motorbike products

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