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Designed for those who prefer pedal power to an engine.

WD-40 BIKE Range
wd40 bike

Researched and developed by experts!

We’ve researched and developed our BIKE range extensively with cycling teams and experts, to provide a best-in-class product family that provides an answer to your every need. From amateur cyclists on a Sunday run, to leading athletes in road and off-road racing; people across the spectrum rely on our products to maintain and extend the life of their bike. Now you can worry less about the conditions, and more about the road ahead.

wd40 bike

With WD‑40 Bike you can cycle whatever the weather!

Specially formulated lubrication suitable for extreme conditions, BIKE Dry Lube and BIKE Wet Lube work best. Use these for either dry and dusty conditions or very wet and muddy environments, respectively. If you want a high quality PTFE Lube for maximum lubrication in any weather, try BIKE All Conditions Lube.

WD‑40® BIKE products