wd40 bike

Bike Cleaner

What it does:

  • All over rinse off bike cleaner
  • Suitable for use on frames, pedals, spokes, seat and handlebars
  • Quick and easy to use, cleans your bike in minutes

Whether you’re a peloton-forming road rider, or a thrill-seeking mountain biker, you’ll know that sometimes cycling is just filthy work! From road grime, grease and dust, to mud, dirt and rain water, it doesn’t take long to get even a well conditioned bike good and filthy. That’s where WD-40 Bike Cleaner comes in. This fantastic formula cuts your cleaning time in half, so you can enjoy every ride without paying the consequences back home. Our clever formula cleans your bike on contact; simply spray onto a freshly rinsed bike and sluice off to effortlessly remove grease, grime and mud, leaving a sparklingly clean finish. It’s safe to use on all components too, from handlebars to spokes, derailleurs to pedals, saving you time and money wasted on component-specific cleaning products.

Use BIKE Cleaner on:

  • Wheels
  • Spokes
  • Pedals
  • Handlebars
  • Frame
  • Seat
  • Chain
  • Derailleurs
Bike Cleaner Usage Shot
Bike Cleaner Usage Shot 2

Our Product Range

WD-40 BIKE DEGREASER 1 Degreaser
WD40-All-Conditions-Lube All Conditions Lube
WD40-Bike-Cleaner Bike Cleaner
WD40-Bike-Dry-Lube Dry Lube
WD40-Wet-Lube Wet Lube

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