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When it comes to motorbikes, passion and performance go hand in hand. All motorbike riders are very proud of the work that goes into the upkeep and maintenance of their machines. Professionals and amateurs alike will agree that a true rider’s work is never done.

Here at WD-40, we know that performance is everything. You want your bike to run, look and sound the very best it can, whether your Sunday ride is in front of a crowd of 20,000 fans, or a herd of sheep as you take the scenic route home. The WD-40 Specialist Motorbike range has been designed with performance and passion in mind, ensuring our products meet the needs of every biker or team mechanic, and work towards maintaining, protecting and improving the performance of components and parts to extend the life of your bike.

Our formulas have all been developed in conjunction with the University of Sheffield, including the creation of an anti-fling test for chain-specific formulas, to keep the product working where you’ve applied it. We also test all our products with Team WD-40, from the British Superbikes Series, to ensure that our range consistently meets the needs of intense use and high performance race environments.


Our WD-40 Specialist Motorbike range includes:

  • Brake Cleaner – Specialised brake cleaner that dissolves grease, oil and brake fluid from brake discs, calipers, and clutch systems
  • Chain Cleaner – Quickly and easily cleans grease, oil, dirt and grime from chains
  • Chain Lube – Provides quick-drying and long-lasting lubrication on O, X and Z rings
  • Chain Wax – Lubricates and conditions bike chains in wet conditions, with the benefit of added corrosion resistance
  • Silicone Shine – Gives a professional shine to your bike with no need to buff out
  • Wax & Polish – Provides a professional deep glossy shine for paintwork, aluminium, and carbon fibre
  • Total Wash – your valet in a bottle; simply spray on and rinse off to remove traffic film, dirt, grime, oil and road residue.

Our Product Range

wd40 motorbike brake cleaner Brake Cleaner
wd40 motorbike chain cleaner Chain Cleaner
wd40 motorbike chain lube Chain Lube
wd40 motorbike chain wax Chain Wax
wd40 motorbike silicone shine Silicone Shine
wd40 motorbike wax polish Wax & Polish
wd40 motorbike total wash Total Wash

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