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WD40 Specialist Fast Release Penetrant

Any tradesman or industry professional worth his salt will tell you that sometimes you just need to use specialist tools if you want to get the job done right. That’s where the WD-40Ⓡ Specialist™ range comes into its own.

WD-40 is known as the can with a thousand uses, but sometimes you only need it for that one use – again, and again, and again. Our Specialist range hones in on some of the individual properties of our original formula that are most valued by industry professionals, developing them into intense-use, job-specific products that can be used repeatedly for routine tasks throughout a range of workplaces and environments.

So if you find yourself reaching for WD-40 every time you need a cutting oil, or a silicone lubricant, or a spray grease, then maybe it’s time you tried the WD-40 Specialist range, laying your hand on the right tool for the right job, time after time.

Our Specialist range includes:



Our Product Range

WD-40 Specialist Anti friction dry lubricant with ptfe Anti-Friction Dry PTFE Lubricant
WD40-specialist degreaser Fast Acting Degreaser
WD40-Fast-Drying-Contact-Cleaner Fast Drying Contact Cleaner
WD40-Fast-Release-Penetrant Fast Release Penetrant
WD40-High-Performance-PTFE High Performance PTFE Lubricant
WD40-High-Performance-Silicone High Performance Silicone Lubricant
WD40-High-Performance-White-Lithium High Performance White Lithium Grease
WD40-Long-Lasting-spray Grease Long Lasting Spray Grease
WD40-Multi-Purpose-Cutting-Oil Multi-Purpose Cutting Oil

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