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High Performance PTFE Lubricant

WD-40 Specialist High Performance PTFE Lubricant provides excellent lubrication and protection whilst reducing friction and wear, extending the life of tools and equipment.

Product Benefits:

360° valve allows use upright or upside down application, which makes every job possible
Smart Straw allows wide and precise spray, providing flexibility
Withstands temperatures of -20°C to +250°C
Provides excellent lubrication and corrosion protection
Extends the life of tools and equipment
Versatile, can be used on a number of different surfaces
Ideal for components or mechanisms exposed to water

Recommended For:

Garden furniture
Hedge trimmers
Power tools blades and drill bits

WD-40 Specialist HI Performance lube on drill bits
WD-40 Specialist Hi Performance lube in industry
WD-40 Specialist Hi Performance lube on drills

Our Product Range

WD-40 Specialist Anti friction dry lubricant with ptfe Anti-Friction Dry PTFE Lubricant
WD40-specialist degreaser Fast Acting Degreaser
WD40-Fast-Drying-Contact-Cleaner Fast Drying Contact Cleaner
WD40-Fast-Release-Penetrant Fast Release Penetrant
WD40-High-Performance-PTFE High Performance PTFE Lubricant
WD40-High-Performance-Silicone High Performance Silicone Lubricant
WD40-High-Performance-White-Lithium High Performance White Lithium Grease
WD40-Long-Lasting-spray Grease Long Lasting Spray Grease
WD40-Multi-Purpose-Cutting-Oil Multi-Purpose Cutting Oil

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