WD-40 Specialist Products

Multi-Purpose Cutting Oil

What it does:

  • Specially formulated to maximise the life of cutting and drilling equipment
  • Works under extreme pressure
  • Lubricates to reduce tip welding
  • Improves machine finishes
  • Prevents pitting and metal seizures
  • Improves performance and extends the life of tools

A specially formulated blend of lubricants, extreme pressure additives and supplementary components designed to improve the performance and extend the life of your cutting and drilling equipment. Cutting blades and drill bits perform under intense pressure, at the mercy of friction and heat build up that can dull blades, dampen bits and compromise a professional finish on work. Our Multi Purpose Cutting Oil is specifically designed for use on stainless steel and titanium components to prevent pitting and metal seizures, ease mechanical processing of metals, reduce frictional heat accumulation and damage from frictional forces, giving you an exceptional finish to your work as well as protecting and prolonging the life of your equipment.

Use Cutting Oil for:

  • Hand cutting machinery
  • Power cutting equipment
  • Hand drilling
  • Thread cutting
  • Power drills

With the Smart Straw applicator, you’ve got two ways to spray; use the flip up straw for hard to reach areas, such as inside chains, locks or rollers, then flip it down to use the wide angle spray eye for area coverage on surfaces. Whichever way you need to spray, you can rely on the clever 360° valve to work efficiently at every angle, even upside down.

Multi-Purpose Cutting Oil

WD-40 Specialist Cutting Oil has a Smart Straw applicator

long lasting spray grease

Our Product Range

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