Hard water stains are bothersome mineral build-ups that occur in high moisture areas – most commonly in household bathrooms. From making some soaps less effective, to providing perfect conditions for bacteria to thrive, the effects of leaving hard water untreated can be troublesome! So, how do you get rid of these frustrating stains easily? Continue reading to find out… 

Cleaning Hard Water Deposits From Shower Heads  

Over time, hard water can build up debris in your shower head and leave you with a less than satisfactory water pressure. This build up can also lead to bacterial and fungal growth – meaning you may be worse off after showering than before!  

To combat this, we recommend removing your shower head and allowing the pieces to completely dry. Once dry, spray the pieces with WD-40® Multi-Purpose Product to loosen the build-up, and allow the product time to do its job.  

Next, using an old toothbrush or sponge, scrub away any debris and residue to reveal a super clean shower head. Before returning the pieces back to their home, ensure you rinse them well with warm soapy water, so that no WD-40® product remains. Reconnect your shower and reveal the smooth and powerful water pressure you deserve!

Cleaning Water Stains From Glass, Windows And Mirrors 

Removing water stains from glass and mirrored surfaces can seem like a never-ending job, but did you know WD-40® can help?  

When stains appear, cover the affected area with a spray of WD-40® Multi-Purpose Product, and buff away with a soft, clean cloth. Start at the top and work your way south. This method will loosen the bonds of any product deposits from the likes of toothpaste or shampoo, therefore making them simple and easy to remove.  

Due to its water repelling qualities, buffing in an extra spritz of WD-40® after cleaning surfaces such as shower doors can create a barrier of protection to prevent further water damage and unsightly stains. Extra bonus – it will also stop mirrored surfaces fogging up! 

Cleaning Water Stains From Toilets  

Limescale stains and mineral deposits can make even the cleanest of bathrooms seem unkempt due to their unsightly nature, but there is a way to deal with them efficiently!  

Simply spray some WD-40® Multi-Purpose Product around the rim of the offending water line, and allow the product time to work. Then grab a dense scrubbing brush (or your usual toilet brush!) and work the stain away. You’ll have a sparkling throne fit for royalty in no time! 

We hope this article helped you to keep your bathroom a hard water free zone. Now that your shower screen is scum free and your toilet bowl is squeaky clean, why not see how WD-40®   can help you with the rest of your home? Check out our blog page here for further hints, tips and ideas.