Car interior cleaning is often neglected, despite the cleanliness of the inside of your car being more important than the exterior! You should keep the inside of your car as clean as you’d keep your house! Keeping your car interior clean will make driving form a to b a lot more pleasant! It will also help to prevent any damage to your car and increase your overall comfort whilst driving.  

Feeling inspired? Let’s get cleaning that car interior! Follow this handy guide to find out how to achieve a valet level clean – with a little help from WD-40® off course. 

How To Hoover A Car

The first step to achieving your dream car interior clean is removing any large items, dust, crumbs, or dirt from your interior surfaces. After removing any larger objects such as water bottles, wrappers or car seats, you can bring your hoover into your car. The best way to hoover your car is to use the soft bristle end. Swipe the hoover over any soiled surfaces, ensuring you pay extra attention to crevices between seats and around seatbelt holes. Don’t forget footwells, around the gear stick, and the boot! In no time your car will be crumb and dirt free!

How To Clean Car Seats & Other Textiles 

Once you have hoovered all of the annoying debris from your car, you can move onto cleaning the other textile surfaces. Using a cleaner that is suitable for your interior (leather, cloth, suede etc), follow the instructions on the bottle to achieve the best results. Always patch test a new product on an inconspicuous area of your textile before use. This should clean your car seats and any other car interior textiles easily!

Clean Your Car Dashboard 

Once your textile surfaces are clean, you can move onto the car dashboard. Using a handy can of WD-40® Multi-Use Product, spray all of your dashboard liberally with the handy solution. Work the product in using a clean microfibre cloth, and buff away any remaining residue. This will create a protective layer which will be dust and water repellent, whilst also creating a pleasing shine. An easy and quick way to clean your car dashboard! Ensure no product is left on the dashboard surface, as it may become a milky colour when exposed to prolonged sunlight.  

Clean Inside The Car Windshield And Windows 

To finish your car interior cleaning, you should clean and polish all of the glass and reflective surfaces in your car. Using WD-40® Multi-Use Product and a soft microfibre cloth, spray your windows with a spritz of product and buff away. This will help to remove any fingerprints, built up dirt, and dust easily – also providing an extra protective layer. Make sure you wipe away any remnants of product using a paper towel to reveal super clear, polished surfaces. 

Now that’s what you call a valet clean car for a budget price. If you enjoyed this guide and would like to find out more ways WD-40® can help you, check out our blog page here. You will find plenty of other ways WD-40® can be used on your car, including how to carry out basic car maintenance and how to wash your car exterior at home!