Nothing beats creating a tsunami of mud that threatens to cover your friends as you skid past them on a mountain bike. Manoeuvring through hills, over mounds of dirt, and careening around sharp corners – this is where you and your baby deserve to be. But when you ride back, exhausted, you notice that your bicycle is caked in mud and grime – which means one thing, it’s time for a clean and some TLC for the next all-important ride. read our guide below on how to clean your bike.

It’s important that you maintain your bicycle regularly to limit the wear and tear that it may go through over time – that dreaded grime can do more damage than you think, such as unwanted corrosion and unwelcome rust.

Fear not. WD-40® has created a specialist range of bicycle maintenance products for the ultimate bike cleaning kit. We know that cycling is a way of life for you, so we have created and designed, along with cycling teams and experts, specialist products for all your unique needs as an avid cyclist.

Our WD-40 BIKE® Cleaner is an all-purpose bike wash spray, which is safe to use on all materials including carbon fibre, rubber, plastic and all metals including titanium, steel and aluminium. The product is devised to effectively remove dirt, mud, grease, or grime fast.

So, how do you clean a bicycle correctly? Read our guide below on how to clean a mountain bike in just 15 minutes.

What to clean a bike with:

How To Clean A Bike:

 Step 1: Place your bicycle on a stand.

Step 2: Rinse with a hose. If you use a high-pressure hose, don’t stand too close or you could damage it.

Step 3: Apply the WD-40 BIKE® Cleaner liberally onto the areas to be cleaned, leaving the formula to work for just a few minutes.

Step 5: To remove any stubborn dirt or grime, you may need to agitate with a sponge or brush.

Step 6: Finally, rinse the bicycle cleaner off thoroughly with water before drying with a clean cloth or towel to leave a great, satisfying finish.


Pro Tip: To ensure that there isn’t any water lurking in the chain, you can use WD-40 Multi-Use Product to drive moisture out, after washing.

Now you know how to wash your bicycle like a pro – don’t do half a job! Do you know how to clean the gears and chain on a bike? Why not use our chain cleaning tool such as our WD-40 BIKE® Degreaser – designed to clean your chain, cassette sprockets, derailleurs and cog sets effectively and efficiently. You can find out how to use this product in our blog, how to degrease your chain.

What’s more, you can go that one step further and lubricate your suspension, chain and drive train. Find out how with our WD-40 BIKE® All Conditions Lube. Not sure how to lube your bicycle? We got you – you can learn how in our blog, here. How To Lubricate Your Chain.