You’ve just bought your first motorbike – you’ve mastered how to navigate the city traffic, speed around tracks at the weekends and discovered the best routes for country rides – but do you know how to maintain and service your motorbike? To ensure you achieve class performance each and every ride, it’s important to learn how to lube a motorcycle chain.

 But, what do you use to lubricate a motorbike? Don’t worry, WD-40® has got you thanks to our Specialist motorcycle range. Designed to keep your new baby in perfect condition, there is a high-quality product for every motorcycle maintenance job at hand. WD-40® Specialist® Motorcycle Chain Lube is ideal for dry road conditions and will help prevent friction on chain links, ensuring optimum performance. It has strong adhesion properties that make it perfect for high speed or high-stress applications. The precise spray application minimises any wastage, making it easier to apply just where you want it. This formula has a low initial viscosity which allows the oil to penetrate directly into the links before rapidly thickening. What’s more, the adhesion action helps to prevent throw off, ultimately resulting in longer-lasting lubrication and reduced wear and tear. Due to its viscosity, it also provides a water-resistant coating to ensure the chain runs smoother.

If you’re more of a wet condition’s rider – we’ve got a solution for that too! It’s time to try our WD-40® Specialist® Motorbike Chain Wax.  Perfect for wet conditions, its highly water-resistant coating actively prevents rust and corrosion on metal parts and can be used on drivetrains and O, X, and Z rings.

How often should you lube a motorbike chain?

You should grease a motorbike chain with lubricant every 300-600 miles to achieve peak performance and a long life.

How to lubricate your motorcycle chain:

 What to use:

The process:

Step 1: Place the motorcycle on a suitable stand so that the rear wheel is free to turn.

Step 2: To apply, spray the chain lube onto the chain and directly onto the sprockets whilst turning the wheel slowly in a clockwise direction.

Step 3: Leave for ten minutes. This will ensure that the links get deep lubrication rather than just surface lubrication.

 Pro Tip: Before you lubricate your chain, clean it in the first instance to remove any unwanted dirt and grime. Find out more in our guide, How To Clean Your Motorcycle Chain.

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